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New hope

At the recently concluded GM meeting Coach Imant has attracted both fans and media by stressing on the need for competitiveness .As a team we are nowhere near the level of competition we could be facing but that shudnt bring our hopes down.I think this squad can finish as good as second this season.We have few young players who can raise their game and achieve to their potential.Yes defense is a concern and we looking to add few talents in that department over the season.Soni is a excellent leader. We hopeful of a strong finish.”


Monkeys are here!!

So yells an excited 8yr old Yami and she was here for the official joining ceremony of 11 Wise Monkeys to Indian football league. Coach Imant has promised to take the monkeys to I league though he was cautious about the future said the team aims to finish in the top 3 this season then take it from there.


Hello world!

Welcome to Hattrick United. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!