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It`s Christmastime

The Manager and the hole Staff wishes all supporter Fans, and visitors a verry happy time and all the Best. If you have,  happy holiday!





End of holiday! New season start!

After two weeks of vacation. The Manger was straight back to see the start of the first game.
But what he had seen and the fans did not amuse him very much, so he almost lost his nerve. What the player have delivered was not a penny worth. So he dashed after the game like a flash in the cabin and gave the players his opinion clearly through.

It remains to be hoping that the players, show a much better game for the season start.

Now I wish all the other manger a good start and erfolreichen and a super season.

Manger Salem


tremble, hope, fear

The fans hope that the rise works.

The players were sentenced to several additional training.

The club board is very keen that the crew can be upgrade.

Who knows what happens if they do not succeed ……….


New Club anthem

The long search has an end, it was found a suitable anthem for the club. With a small party the anthem was played for the club lift the flag for the first time. Fans and club owners and the players were satisfied with the anthem.

Definitely gets even better played in every game.


very important game

We must do everything possible to win the match!

Otherwise we remain in the league. And this is not acceptable.

Please supporter, support us strongly, talking burrows



sometimes I hate hattrick

look at that game!




Midfield inadequate (5) (very low) disastrous (1) (very high)
Right defence inadequate (5) (high) brilliant (11) (high)
Central defence excellent (8) (high) world class (13) (very high)
Left defence inadequate (5) (very high) outstanding (10) (high)
Right attack weak (4) (low) excellent (8) (low)
Central attack passable (6) (very low) formidable (9) (very low)
Left attack weak (4) (very high) formidable (9) (high)
Indirect set pieces
Defence passable (6) (low) solid (7) (high)
Attack solid (7) (low) passable (6) (low)
Team attitude (Hidden) Normal
Tactic Play creatively Counter-attacks
Tactic skill supernatural (14)
HatStats 172 244
HatStats Defence: 70
Midfield: 51
Attack: 51
Defence: 134
Midfield: 12
Attack: 98
LoddarStats 11.22 5.82

lack of time

too little time. to make alls what you want!

bible study ,beautify blog, make logos, Maintain own federation, family
take care of the players of the two cuff.

Nonetheless, the players play their games and sometimes they win. So we have a very intressting and importent game on 23.06.2014 08:00.
With look we will win the NiceAss CUP. Ok the name is very the name is very special. And the logo also.

But Cup is Cup. And the team wants it!!

see you soon…….


Again in the national team of Baharain

12. Ibrahim ‘Sniper’ Djebbour

23 years and 13 days, Next birthday: 20.09.2014

Baharein player


2014 10 06

Because the weather was so nice. on the day of Pentecost there been no further development of the blog.

Nevertheless, the team played serval matches more or less successful.
Nevertheless, in particular, the defense is still too weak to win against strong opponents.
Patience is everything in this case. As my grandmother always said patience bring roses.


So now,  all of you , a nice  and successful day.


First step with the Blog

BLOG it self super devolopment.

The HTU federation helps me, kind and frendly people. I would say one of the best federation in hattrick!!!!!!

weekend games we expect to los the series match :-(

matches 06.06.2014

 Der Plumpsacks – _Israel_
Tournament _Israel_ – Stoppenberg05



Pfalzis GT-R – _Israel_great we are in the final
05.06.2014 12:39 (8/55) Tournament _Israel_ – Kingz, FC   1 – 2 HT Re-Live Lineup
05.06.2014 13:35 (8/55) Tournament Pfalzis GT-R – _Israel_   2 – 7 HT Re-Live Lineup
05.06.2014 18:09 (8/55) Ladder _Israel_ – United Planets   1 – 5 HT Re-Live Lineup
06.06.2014 05:57 (8/55) Ladder _Israel_ – The Lost Saxons   3 – 0 HT Re-Live Lineup