Angels V Devils!

During the off season every single player of 24 Carrow Gold undertook intensive anger management therapy in order to reduce the number of cards they received.  Obviously the angelic Canagoon, manager of the team was exempt!  The idea was to turn her lads into a bunch of angels..

Vision of my angelic lads!!

Well, Canagoon announced today that the intensive anger management therapy was a resounding… failure!!

The reality of my lads!








In the first game of the season yesterday the players got 4 yellows, in 1 game.. 1 game!!

One of the yellow cards brandished at my lads.. All 4 couldn't fit in :-(

Canagoon was postively seething after the game and gave her lads a good walloping around the lug holes to show her disgust at their behaviour.  She is also at a complete loss as to how to proceed.  “This is the 2nd course of anger management that the team has undertaken and still they are brutish thugs” explained Canagoon in dismay.  “I really don’t know where they get such behaviour or ideology from.  I mean, I am a gentle kind soul who offers nothing but praise and encouragement.”

“However, I will not give up, my lads will one day be angels, I am sure of it.  Whether they will be the same lads as now is another matter, but I am determined to get rid of this thuggish reputation that my team have earned themselves.”


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