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So here we embark on a new journey with Hattrick United. I have to admit from a community manager stand point, Hattrick United has so much potential. It can become such a great platform to have everything community wise centralized!

Here you can read your league mates blogs, but you can also write your own. You can share your twitter feed, your Facebook fan page feed. The sky is the limit as to where we can take this platform.

National Teams portals, Country portals, Webzines, Fed blogs etc. Those are all things that can now exist because of HUTD.

Elia did an amazing job working on this. And I am sure, in time, HUTD can become a big shiny window into one of the most amazing communities on the internet!


La relation de HT avec ses utilisateurs! HT's relationship with it's users.

You are the ones for us, let us show you!