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Number One

Number One

Team Pld W D L GF GA ± Pts
1. Arzt Schnell 14 13 0 1 56 8 48 39
2. RC Indiana 14 10 2 2 51 26 25 32
3. Hurricane AC 14 8 2 4 23 17 6 26
4. RicosFutbol Invite 14 5 2 7 39 50 -11 17
5. viresi 14 5 1 8 37 33 4 16
6. Coritibalex FC 14 4 4 6 22 28 -6 16
7. Kester ave 14 4 0 10 20 42 -22 12
8. Wickliffe Wolves FC 14 1 1 12 8 52 -44 4

Mudville Kickers down and out

An impressive display from Arzt Schnell last night left the Mudville Kickers down 4-3 and out of the USA cup. Mudville put out a strong team but it was no match for the high flying Schnell players who once again produced a record breaking performance.

The ‘reward’ for their endeavours is a 7th round tie vs Simon Gagne for Golden Boot, who in the last 3 seasons have won the USA cup twice and squeezed a Major League title in between. No-one inside OR outside the club were predicting a win for Schnell against that sort of pedigree.

Fans outside the ground were in jubilant yet realistic mood.

“We’ve done better than we could possibly imagine this season so we are going to enjoy this night and worry about the next round later”

“As long as we keep them under ten goals we’ll be happy”

Art Frisson was equally pragmatic. “We have a league championship to worry about first. For the financial stability of the club we need our promotion to Div IV. This heroic cup run should simply be the icing on the cake this season.”


Despicable ME?

The crowds have already started to gather at the R’s stadium where Arzt Schnell prepare to take on the Mudkickers. Most fans are realistic about their chances. “We just hope the officials can keep the game fair and entertaining.”


Singh announces retirement

Veteran wing-back Vrisan Singh may have played his last game today in Schnell’s 4-0 victory over viresi. Singh joined the USA outfit almost six seasons ago and has been a valued team member during that time, but now he feels he may be holding the team back.

“I have been having trouble with my fitness levels. I’m nearly 38 and the training has become more and more difficult. It’s not easy going out there and knowing you will probably get substituted or worse be a liability for the team.”

“The arrival of Lefter Laci has made the decision easier. He is ten years younger than me and can pass the ball better than I ever could. He will be a great asset to the team in our push for promotion and beyond”




The Schnell fans celebrated in style last night after they saw their side stroll past Greenleaf and progress to the 5th round of the cup for the first time in their history.

It was clear from the outset that Art intended to grab this game early sending his players out in an aggressive 253 formation. The plan worked and Schnell were 2-0 up before the second half and immediately switched to the more familiar 352. Schnell continued to apply the pressure though and it wasn’t until they were 3-0 up when they decided to settle back and defend their lead.

The final score of 4-1 was better than anyone could have hoped for and the cheers at the final whistle could be heard all around the city.

The victory now gives a shot at a 6th round tie if they can get past Inferior Federal Courts. IFC are flying high in Div III right now but with a small squad they are likely to put out some formidible opposition to the Schnell outfit.

Art was quick to rein in the Schnell fans optimism for the match.

“While a cup run is great for us, our prime objective is to win promotion this season. Last weeks league result proved just how vulnerable we can be if we don’t stay focused. We may just have to be satisfied with a 5th round tie this year and hope to do better next year.”


Indiana Moans

Racing defied the odds yesterday as they ran out 2-1 winners in a game Schnell were confident of winning. Despite dominating the midfield Schnell were unable to create many chances and those they did were woefully wasted. Racing however only created two and made the most of both of them. The introduction of a bona-fide winger after an injury to Bert Valkenberg, and the replacement of the inexperienced Germinal Moreno in midfield did little to change the situation.

Art’s face showed obvious signs of disappointment but he remained philosophical.

“You get games like this in a season. It’s disappointing but not a disaster.”

Asked if some recent changes in backroom staff had affected the players Art admitted that it had.

“With team confidence so high it was thought we had no need for a few of our psychologists. What we didn’t realise was how big an impact that could have on the team. The situation has been rectified now and it’s just a case of rebuilding our confidence and not being too quick to react to certain situations. We are still on course though so nothing really to worry about.”


The Pundits Ponder

Hurricane – Wickliffe
Home had a surprise road win last week, while visitors had a tough time the only game they were on the road. Trends hold, home team wins, 4-2.

Coritibalex – RicosFutbol
Home team winless, while visitors showed they could win on the road last week. They also might be able to sneak into first place. Visitors, 2-3.

Kester – viresi
Home team already has a solid win there, while visitors had a tough showing in their one road game. But things aren’t always as they seem. Draw, 3-3.

RC Indiana – Artz Schnell Game-of-the-Week
An early season clash, which if won by the visitors, could set them up to go undefeated in league play. A loss by the home team means that 2nd will be up for play with Ricos. Saving some players for the Cup might come into play, but I’m picking the visitors, 1-3.

Hurricane – Wickliffe
I think this one will be a tight one with neither side putting away their chances. Home advantage counts though. 2-1.

Coritibalex – RicosFutbol
Despite the parity in midfield I don’t think Cori’s defense have an answer to the chances Ricos will create. Home advantage will keep the score low. 0-3.

Kester – viresi Game of the week
I get the feeling Kester are up for this one and they definitely have a chance, but I think they will leak too many goals to keep their noses in front. 2-2.

RC Indiana – Arzt Schnell
‘A’ team or ‘B’ team Schnell are still the favorites here but every dog has it’s day. Two predictions then. 0-2 if Schnell go for cup glory and 0-5 if they don’t.


Don’t look back

Schnell stepped up a gear last night and cruised past the Boston Blues with a powerful display away from home. A brace from Hugo Fuerlinger and a single strike from Ulfried Sigmaringer put them through to the 4th round of the USA cup for only the second time in the clubs history, and with a performance that many fans were saying was the best they had ever seen.

The win sets up a potentially juicy home tie with Greanleaf Utd who, despite their strong defense, are sat at the bottom of their Div.IV league and may decide to concentrate their efforts on gaining a league win this week-end. Schnell of course have their own headache to contend with, having to face an away tie with the difficult RC Indiana. Although Schnell have never lost against them, Indiana are certainly strong enough to overcome a weakened Schnell team should Art decide to gamble on an attempt to reach the 5th round of the cup.


Greenfield Gremlins team sheet

The Medics face the much stronger Greenfield Gremlins today. Can they make it 3 wins on the bounce and is this the side that can do it.



The GMC Cup

For the second year running the Medics have managed to make it out of the group stage in The General Managers Club cup.

Group J P W D L G P
1. Arzt Schnell (225651) 3 3 0 0 13-2 9
2. Southwick Meerkats (954577) 3 2 0 1 7-3 6
3. Aston Rangers (59548) 3 1 0 2 4-11 3
4. Cleveland Crunch (71193) 3 0 0 3 3-11 0


Three straight wins now leaves them with a tricky game against the Barbados team Car Colours. With a difficult league game coming up against the Greenfield Gremlins this week-end it’s more than likely Art Frisson will be concentrating on the league rather than the cup. Still, stranger results have happened.

Southwick Meerkats : Arzt Schnell   0 : 3
Aston Rangers : Arzt Schnell   1 : 6
Arzt Schnell : Cleveland Crunch   4 : 1