And so what?

Celebrations are over as we get ready for the next season. But we cannot help saying a few more things about the just finished season.

We are still speechless for the way the end of the season turned. Stanziale took the lead on the seventh fixture and they kept it until the end. It wasn’t easy though, and the thrilling last fixture would kill our hearts: a draw against Isleworth which would waste all our efforts if it wasn’t for FC Samu that beat Diablo, leaving Stanziale at the top of the table.

Everything was incredibly fantastic! We had the top scorer, only one defeat, the best attack and defense. But we hadn’t gained our promotion yet: the play-off against tj tatran devin would be our in or out.

We arrived to that day a bit tensed up. For many of our players it was the first time playing a match that important. In the last weeks we had added a few more experienced players who could help us out. But one of them didn’t integrate very well, lowering the team spirit; the same problem the team had when Quinti Rambla left.

And here we would like to spend a few lines about Rambla’s selling. We didn’t say anything before because we wanted to keep everything low. The truth is that Rambla, who played for us 2 years and a half, started complaining when he wasn’t among the first strings anymore: he wanted to play more than he did. And for a talented and young player as him, the less we could do was selling him to a team which would employ him more often. And so he went to FC Líné Lemry, a Czech team where he is the best player and where the manager will build a team around him.

But let’s go back to our topic. We were saying of last Sunday’s match against tj tatran devin. The team spirit was a bit low, they were stressed for the season’s effort, for the pressure of the people of Salford and, above all, for the strain of the press.

The match changed for the better after only three minutes, when Russel Funk (him again!) scored a great goal sending the ball right into the top corner! At that point we were expecting tj tatran devin reaction which, we can say, never arrived. All they did was trying to kill the game, and they had very few chances for equalizing. Boaru got injured at the 34th minute and Schelling came in. We went to half time break leading 0-1. As soon as we got back we had the chance to go 2 goals ahead: Schelling shot well but one of their defenders saved it on the line.

Then it happened what we didn’t want to. tj tatran devin equalized with Toure’s header: this really was the only way for them to score! From that moment on anything could happen: tension took hold of the players and Puchenkin got booked after having ironically applauded the ref. It was the 80th minute. 2 minutes later, the delirium.

At the 82th minute we were alredy thinking of the extratime, when the Italian Gualtiero Prisco – after the nine goals scored over the season – decided it was time to finish that match off: a torpedo from his right foot and devin‘s goaly could not do anything: 1-2!

Promotion and partying was all one thing! But, if you want to know what happened all night, don’t ask me. Ask the driver!



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