Deal Confirmed! New Goalkeeper Joins Bărăgan-Sud

Going by the principle that we’re too poor to buy cheap things, and hoping that the crowd gathering for this Saturday’s last game of the season will cover the expenses, the management of AFC Baragan-Sud, had — late in the night of Thursday 27.03.2014 signed the young Italian player Giacomo Iaria (386037131), who will replace Frederic Fremont as main goalkeeper of Baragan-Sud.

“It’s certainly his young age that makes him an important asset; the quality was in balance with the price so we had no second thoughts about signing him” club’s manager Don Vargas explained, along with telling him that “we hope to see you defend the net for many seasons to come, and witness our ascension”, at his official t-shirt presentation. Iaria will get the number #1 t-shirt at AFC, and he will also have the highest salary in the team.


As posted on the old HT-Arena website, March 2014


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