In the News (16.02.2014)

Arena complete

The new VIP booths and seats under the roof were full today at the cup game against Babushca, however a heavy rain kept many of the fans away from the stadium.

Turmoil and frustration

No words are enough to express the Board’s frustration at the cup game against Babushca today when four of our top players got injured; Ipate and Biedal fell in the first half, Manco then sustained a light injury, followed by Frohbrodt in 72’. It is not clear if fault belonged to the newly hired medic Cristian Marasoiu or to the new team of assistant coaches, the Board decided to investigate before breaking any contracts.

Objectives for season 43 (55 Global)

The Board has announced the objectives of the club today, in a rush, and with visible worried faces. These objectives are:

  • Focus on training goalkeepers
  • Avoiding bankruptcy

That’s all they had to say about that…

Rebuilding the team

Upon the massive injury wave from the last two matches, most of the team has been placed on the transfer list and up to 20 players are likely to leave the club by Saturday evening, among which are highly talented strikers like Targize and Shansjhahan.

While transfer announcements were being made, two new young keepers and a new defender arrived at the club. It is rumored that the club will from now on focus on it’s goalkeeper development efforts, which they believe to bring a good profit for less efforts.

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