Storm Clouds Ahead

Storm Clouds Ahead

Today an announcement came from the Federation announcing us that we have been “awarded” a bonus promotion, and, as of next season we will be playing in the 6th division. The feelings were mixed. Everyone hoped for a quiet and successful season in the lower division, but now, the entire management, staff and team is looking for solutions to meet what should be a clear goal for the next season: avoiding relegation. While currently distributed in VI.388 the management is also on the lookout for finding an “easier” division. After a quick survey made by the staff it has been found that each of our new opponents are far ahead of us.

Arguments arose this afternoon between the training staff and the management and it is uncertain at this point, what solution would be best: to aim for continuing our long-term training strategy – or – focus on making profits and purchasing players that can help our team win. Regardless of the choice, the team’s manager Don Vargas declared that “at the start of the season the team must be ready to fulfill its objectives, relegation would be unfortunate and I know the fans may be disappointed, but we are also dedicated to developing our high potential players further, and we must stick to our long-term goals”.

Meanwhile fans celebrate our promotion at the pubs near the near the stadium, “we know the Don, he’s gonna keep us in the 6th you’ll see… the man knows how to manage a team and I bet he still has a few tricks to pull outta his hat!”.

Let’s hope so! An official announcement of the team’s objectives is expected to be released at the beginning of the next week.

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