Balance of Season 43

Hello, this is Vargas – I had to fire the spokesperson a few days after we gave the last update, I’ve been busy running the club, and that’s why nothing new was written for some time.

I’m pleased to announce that the two objectives we had for the season were completely fulfilled, as well as the one and the most important wish we and our fans had: we avoided relegation. Not only we did this, but we can announce it one week before the final match of the season, because the 4th place is ours!

On the matter of training, Bastian Dusterhoof and his staff did a wonderful job with our two young goalkeepers, and for the next season we already brought even better staff that will help in their training.

Financially, we not only avoided bankruptcy but we were able to expand the stadium and bring several new players that will hopefully help our team for the some seasons to come: Elias Pitz, Ulm Badescu, Dan Barslev and the recently arrived Terence Ziezenis.

Last but not least in this round of good news, yesterday we opened at Calarasi our own Youth Academy, a long-term investment by which we hope to provide high-quality defensive talent to Baragan-Sud for seasons to come.

I’m proud to look at our current team ranking and see that we’re ranked 6547 of 15224 active teams in România, and most importantly #1 among all teams that started season same week and #4 among all teams that started in the same season with us (that is, season 42).

The future looks promising for southern Baragan.

That’s all for now,

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