Stunning results this first half!

With 5 wins and 2 draws, Baragan-Sud has not known defeat this first season half. More than that, we’re proud to say only 2 balls reached Andrew Pepper’s goal thus far (Valic also did a great job). This first half we’ve also opened our youth academy, which is believed to be a good early investment and the Don has already taken interest in some of the boys. By the end of the year some of them are likely to become the first trainees promoted to the full squad.

We’re really pleased about how the season went so far and it’s a perfect time to celebrate our current standing on the second place with equal points as the leader – juniori temerari.

Even though our objective of avoiding relegation for another season looks nearly met, and even though we know our team would not make it in division V, we are still making efforts to keep the team as high in the standing as possible. Fans of Baragan-Sud, need to be able to dance on the streets and see good football every Saturday!

Standings at the end of 7th round of season 44.

Standings at the end of 7th round of season 44.

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