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Recently "drawn" in to the amazing world of HatTrick and are on a steep learningcurbe. And after just a few moths i must admit that i feel like Bill Shankly expressed : "Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that"

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Season rapidly ending.

After a few seasons of too much downtime, decreasing skills on the team and lack of general attention, manager TMO seems to have gotten more time, as the team slowly starts performing again.
In the beginning of the season, our goal was to try advance to series V, but it seems to be a struggle to the end and will only be decided in the last match of the season.
The season has been much better than expected. In january we had long negotiations with MAUREVERT FC about their young promising goalkeeper Jacub Uchwat and he ended up as our new hero.  In our series, he has not been letting us down and has kept the goal clean for 12 consecutive matches. And counting.

But the season finale will be a wicked match. We will have to win for sure, as our goalscore is way lower than no.1 in the series. Clean surgical win is what we need.

As a desperate measure we have hired Jaromir Spiroch to assist with his brilliant experience and thrilling scoring abilities, but it remains to be seen if he actually will perform well with the team. He is a tempered player and arrives suspended, but will be able to play a few matches before he really needs to perform.


Another season has ended.

Last match of the season has changed nothing, BarcaPool stays in VI.

“It has been a fun season in “True Believers Of Walton Breck Road” ” – proclaims  Mogens Mjolnir, leader of the fanclub, and continues :

“Since the season of goalies, there has not been much fun in general, in the fanclub, nor at the arenaside. We have suffered lots of lost matches and ever so nice points, but we did/do understand the

clubs need for GK training that season and together we stayed strong and loyal.  Then last seaon were added the beer-option on fanclub membershipcards, to obtain 75% discount on beer purchases during all matches and at trainingdays. Never has so many been at the benches on training wednesdays/Thursdays and never has our songs and chants been so convincing”

“We will ofcourse be there again when the season starts and we do look forward to future meetings with our new “sister-club” in Jamaica, allready planning new fun supporter events for both teams supporters. One world.”


Reynaldo Fernández says : “It has been a crazy few seasons in BarcaPool and  i must admit that i did not think that i would have been here till my 39´th birthday when i first started out”  “Yet alone did i not think that i would have ended up coaching in Denmark, of all places, after leaving Mexico so many years ago, to go go play in Spain.”

Chefen continues : ” Last night at my bírthday i was invited to a steakhouse by our manager TheManicOrganic and was presented with a gift from BarcaPool, manager, coaches, players as well as a few close youth players and their even closer moms, a hut on the Teams Island on Palau in Micronesia.  I am so touched by the generousity and now i am looking forward to start my retirement.”


Manager TheManicOrganic was caught right after todays final match and had following to say :


And then he ran out to the field and participated in “Waving” the crowd and hasnt been spotted since he bodysurfed towards the beerstands.


Seems to Survive in Six.

This season has definately been very interesting.


After a season of training GK´s BarcaPool IF decided to start focusing on climbing the ladder and aim to get in VI and stay there for a few seasons.

This season it seems to be doable as we  seem to keep just above the line.


“We have a good team of players and i have done my best to prepare them for the new coach arriving in the “springbreak”” – declares Reynaldo “Chefen” Fernándes.


Manager TheManicOrganic has at an official gathering, announced that only will there be an new coach, but no players has to worrie about their position at the team, so no new buying has been planned.


Nedrykning Nærmer sig

Så er endnu en sæson ved at være ovre og endnu engang har det været en spændende sæson.

Som forventet vender BPIF nu tilbage til Division VII og  søger sponsorer, bolddrenge og Cheerleaders.

“Vi forventer at der kommer til at gå et par sæsonner inden BPIF vender tilbage i god form” – udtaler sportsdirektøren og fortsætter

” Og med Reynaldo Fernández som cheftræner og R.T Farré som hjælpetræner ser fremtiden lys og lovende ud”.


God sommer og fred være med jer.


Ny sæson..

Nu er første cup-kamp overstået og som forventet vandt vi, mindre end forventet, men vi vandt dog.

Det ser ud til at sidste sæsons trup stadig ikke er helt på dupperne og stadig mangler lidt træning og lidt forstærkninger, men grundet den økonomiske krise er al kiggeluren på transferliste blevet forbudt sportsdirektøren.

Manager TMO udtaler : “Vi kan jo blot se rundt i andre divisioner og der erfare at man ikke kan købe sig til succes, men må knokle for at nå toppen”.

Vi håber dog at kunne klare en enkelt cup-kamp mere, men forventer at blive revet godt rundt i 3´die runde.
Så vores fokus vil i denne sæson være at blive i divisionen en sæson mere, OG at ende bedre placeret i HSL XIX en den meget berygtede og potensforlængede Sigma.

Fri hash, Flere vindmøller og Bredere fortove.



Store Heddinge; Stevns Hattrick managers



A new year has arrived.

Another year went by, just as so many before.


BUT the year 2011 has had a huge impact in TheManicOrganic´s life as he was introduced and invited into the universe of Hattrick.

And what a universe. Its has a very friendly atmosphere in the fed´s and forums.

Friendly managers and exciting leagues.

Thanks to all our supporters it is so satisfying for our sponsors and the players as well. Free beer this season to all members of  our supporter club : True Believers Of Walton Breck Road. 1249 members and still counting.

But for the 2012 season we at BarcaPool´s board has to inform the public, that we are about to enter the world famous HSL ;

Hattrick Soccer League and will soon be unable to be challenged to friendlies.


Flags can allways be chased, but to participate in HSL is an honour. Awe inspiring.

A special thanks goes to sigma25 & MacSteff for accepting us back in the League.


And thanks to MOD-hojris and the other friendly managers of  HTU Managers.  Great job.


And last but not least we have to thank each and every one in the Flag Finding For Free Federation.

The work will continue, matches arranged and flags donated.




Season ending..

After a season with ups and downs, a lot of new players on the team, old ones gone but not forgotten, we managed to end up at 2 place in our league.

This is quite surprising for TheManicOrganic, as he predicted to stay in VII for at least a season more.

But we at the board at BarcaPool hope to find our “King Kenny” and perhaps a strenghtening of the team during the seaon break.

As a token of appreciation every single player got a very nice specially bottled Laphroaig whiskey and a promise of a 20% raise if we end next season in top 3.

Thanks to several managers and supporters for making this season a very exciting and hectic season.

A special thanks goes to Kozzy Kozzers, Tweir, Caranza, Schwager among others, for their great work and help.

And thanks to Giten for inviting my YL to participate in a very exciting league. What a season. ( still aiming for 5´th) 😉

Well Thanks to all of you for making this another great season.



New FED opened..

Bring Your Friends..  c”,) 

To start with i open the FED to gain achievement..

So The more members the merrier.

Just to make it a little interesting for you participants, i will give 1 flag/match away for each 25 members in the fed by friday the 16´th september around 8 o´clock.

As a teaser we talk about the following flags :



Hong Kong





And more will follow if needed..

So spread the word.

Join the FED before your neighbour.  :-)


I hope to see lot´s of friendly and helpfull managers, especially from the FFFF (FlagFindingForFree)  Home of the greatest managers on HT. :-)


Forza Bring Your Friends..  c”,) 


Thanks in advance..




Damn.. :-)

BSC Kehrsatz Boys are definately a group of energertic well diciplined bunch. Our boys were leaving the stadium with tears in their eyes and a foul taste in their mouths.

Congrats to BSC Kehrsatz Boys..

We enjoyed visiting you. :-)




KB2 5 – 1 THC

Regn 20-7-2011 21.00

192 våde fædre, mødre og andre venner af familierne, stod imod regnen på Stade de Kehrsatz. KB2 besluttede at sende drengene på banen i en ‭3-4-3‬ formation. Følgende spillere løb på banen: Knellwolf – Nabholz, Thomet, Boxler – Schmitt, Schiesser, Städeli, Sonderegger – Mendenau, Ferrer, Krauter.

THCs valgte formation var en ‭3-5-2‬. De stillede op med: Sparre – Brandt, Retov, Sivebæk – Andersen, Beck, Vad, Holm, Rasmussen – Boldt, Skak.

Drengene fra KB2 foretrak tydeligvis at angribe via midten. I dag var det THCs strategi primært at angribe via flankerne. KB2s drenge kom foran i det 21. minut, da energiskeRaymond Krauter blev spillet fri i venstre side af feltet, og fik sparket målet til 1 – 0 ind bag en noget frustreret målmand. THC havde en god mulighed for at angribe i midten, men de huskede deres instrukser og valgte at gå efter fløjangreb i stedet. Hanspeter Knellwolf‘s navn blev sunget igen og igen fra lægterne, efter at han i det 26. minut med en fantastisk redning, havde pareret Anton Skak‘s projektil af et skud ude fra venstrekanten. Jublen gav genlyd over hele stadion da Stéphane Ferrer brød igennem gæsternes midterforsvar og øgede scoren til 2 – 0 for KB2. På dette tidspunkt i kampen blev forsvaret førsteprioriteten for KB2. THC havde en mulighed for at reducere i det 31. minut, og dermed bringe nyt liv ind i kampen, men hjemmeholdets midterforsvar fik sparket bolden væk på stregen, efter et langskud fra venstre. KB2 udbyggede deres føring med endnu et mål, da Raymond Krauter sendte 3 – 0 målet i nettet efter et angreb fra venstre, der gjorde, at han blev helt alene med målmanden. Ingvar Beck lod sig ikke mærke af vejret og lavede nogle flotte ting på banen på trods af regnen. Markus Schiesser havde en gylden mulighed for at score endnu et mål for KB2 i det 40. minut, men han fik sendt bolden lige over mål. 3 – 0 var stillingen ved pausen. Denne halvleg tilhørte KB2s knægte, der kontrollerede spillet i 59 procent af tiden.

Spillerne fra KB2 kunne stadig høre deres træners ord give genlyd, og de styrede deres fløjangreb mod midten i stedet. Selvom hele holdet kæmpede for at imponere, blev Mario Sparre udpeget som problemet, og han blev kaldt fra banen efter 60 minutter. Danilo Tomić fik en chance for at rette op på tingene. KB2 var så fast besluttede på at angribe i midten, at selv deres fløjangreb endte centralt. Det skulle blive værre for de gæstende drenge. Heinz Thomet slap igennem det centrale forsvar i det 72. minut og øgede føringen til 4 – 0. Højresiden hos gæsterne var giftig i dag. Anton Skak fik hjemmeholdets målmand til at se noget dum ud, da han nemt fik reduceret til 4 – 1 i det 76. minut. KB2 formåede at udbygge deres føring til 5 – 1 da Markus Schiesser skar ind i banen fra venstre og fik sendt et velplaceret skud forbi gæsternes målmand. KB2 bragte den samlede boldbesiddelse op på 59 procent og dominerede kampen.

KB2s bedste spiller blev, af de fremmødte forældre, hurtigt udråbt til at have været<a title="Raymond Krauter" href="http:/%2