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Cup : Connection 0 – 6 Northcastle

    “Peterson with the corner… This one looks to be a high archer and it is.” Its hanging in the air, VASQUEZ WITH THE LOW DRIVE KICK?! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!” NORTHCASTLE HAS DONE IT! 0-1! 0-1! 0-1!  

-Tim Cahill, the radio announcer of Northcastle


Finally. Northcastle finally looks to have something in them. After a quiet 25 minutes, they scored their first competitive match goal. 


Tyler Akteruzzaman was screaming to move down the field, and to attack the wings, and that is exactly what they did. Both Constantino Leite, and Thomas Peterson were both huge for Northcastle. They each scored two goals, and had one assist. Adan Abellan, who everyone thought would have a tremendous impact on this team, managed to finally score on a penalty, to make the score 0-5.


Well lets hope Northcastle keep this up!




New Signings….

In the three “quick-mach” games Newcastle have played, they have lost all three of them. In those three games, Newcastle had been outscored 14-2. They lost their first game 8-0, their second 4-1, and their third, 2-1. Manager Akteruzzaman, and new head coach Dirk Freemann-Kolarik noticed that the midfield had been struggling in those three games played, and they couldn’t bear it no longer. They looked up at the transfer list.

This morning, at about 6:55, two wingers were signed. They go by the name of Danukas Stundys, and Osman Krohnlechner. Stundy’s took number 20, and Krohnlchner, 22. Stundys has scored 14 goals in his brief 4 season career. Most of the games he played were as a winger, only two of them were as an inner-midfielder. Meanwhile, Krohnlechner has had a very quiet career. Most of the games he played were as a wing back. Tonight, in a friendly he will try the right-winger position.


Stay tuned for highlights of tonight’s friendly match in Chicago!



Tyler Akteruzzaman is back!

Former Hattrick manager of the “Tylerland Wildcats” ; Tyler Amil Akteruzzaman is back! After getting caught controlling two teams, the Hattrick Comittee had decided to give him a new team. During his reign as manager of the Wildcats, Akteruzzaman led his former team to the top of the standings. He now has the chance to do that again.

“Im mighty glad to be back on Hattrick.” “I now control the destiny that I had in my hands before. Its great to know that we live in a world full of second chances.”

Moving to a completely new state both clubwise, and virtualwise, was also huge for Akteruzzaman.

“Moving back to the small town where I was born in and grew up in fulfilled my dreams.” I always wanted to put Bayonne, New Jersey on the map. Thank God the Comittee gave me anoter chance, another shot. There is a God.”

When asked what his goals were for himself and the club, he replied, “They wouuld most likely be completing the Managers Licence, expanding the arena, and getting my boys better, and better at the game.”

Much hype, buzz, and excitement surrounds this new team. Now, let part two of Akteruzzaman’s saga begin!

– JJ Dobbs