Cup : Connection 0 – 6 Northcastle

    “Peterson with the corner… This one looks to be a high archer and it is.” Its hanging in the air, VASQUEZ WITH THE LOW DRIVE KICK?! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!” NORTHCASTLE HAS DONE IT! 0-1! 0-1! 0-1!  

-Tim Cahill, the radio announcer of Northcastle


Finally. Northcastle finally looks to have something in them. After a quiet 25 minutes, they scored their first competitive match goal. 


Tyler Akteruzzaman was screaming to move down the field, and to attack the wings, and that is exactly what they did. Both Constantino Leite, and Thomas Peterson were both huge for Northcastle. They each scored two goals, and had one assist. Adan Abellan, who everyone thought would have a tremendous impact on this team, managed to finally score on a penalty, to make the score 0-5.


Well lets hope Northcastle keep this up!



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