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Here you can share the latest news and blog about your Hattrick team. Tell the world the stories about your legendary players and club personalities. Or just sit back and enjoy the stories from other Hattrick clubs around the world.

Hattrick United is the blog portal for Hattrick managers and their teams. This is a place where you can give the life around your club another dimension, and make your club more personal. Managers have in all times told amazing stories about their team legends and the daily – and sometimes quirky – life in their clubs, something which has really spiced up the game world. But up until now there has been no good common place to read and share all these fantastic tales and legends, and if you haven’t had Hattrick Supporter it’s been even harder to share these stories. Well, now there is a place for all!

Hattrick United is designed to make it easy for you to run your team blog and tell the story about your club. It doesn’t require much time to update it; all you basically need to do is to write the news and stories about your team. Other information, such as your series table, past and upcoming matches, transferlisted players etc, can be automatically fetched and updated from Hattrick. You just decide what information you want to show on you blog, and then let your fantasy, creativity and imagination come alive.

When you open a team blog on Hattrick United, you get a link to your team blog and your latest blog entry added to your Hattrick club page. Managers visiting your club on Hattrick will also find their way to your blog.

Hattrick United is based on WordPress, so if you’re familiar with WordPress you already know how things work. And if you’re not familiar with WordPress yet, it doesn’t take long to learn how to use it. Hattrick United is a CHPP product (even though developed and published by us) and you have to grant Hattrick United access to get information about your team. This is done when signing up to Hattrick United, and if you later want to remove this access you can do so in your Hattrick preferences.

Here on Hattrick United you will also be able to follow our official blogs, such as the dev blog where you can read about what’s going on in our heads on – and off – Hattrick.

We hope you will enjoy your time!

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