What’s up next on Hattrick United?

Releasing Hattrick United and the time since then has been fantastic. Not only because of the warm welcome HUTD got, but also because of all great blogs to read and discover. Prior to the release I thought it was going to be really exciting, but I have to say it’s exceeded my expectations on this (and to be honest they were quite high). The future is for sure looking bright.

Speaking about the future I would like to share what will happen next here on HUTD.

Next up is blogs for National teams and some widgets connected to that. This has been much requested and I think it defitinitely will spice up the National teams a lot. Apart from that we will also add Like and Tweet buttons for all blogs.

After this update we have a list of things which we could include in the next update, but we haven’t decided on exactly which of these things we will start with. In the list we have things to make your blog life easier, more HT integration, widget improvements, country pages and other kind of blogs. But if you have something you really want to add to the wish-list, it’s certainly not too late. Either let us know on the Hattrick United forum on Hattrick (15016110.1) (preferred) or tell me in a comment to this post.

The HUTD forum on Hattrick can naturally also be used for help or sharing tips and tricks. Or for just tell the world how marvellous your blog is. Happy blogging!

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