Keep track of your favorite blogs

The number of blogs on Hattrick United are growing fast and you may find it hard to keep up with your favorites. At times you may stumble across a good blog, only to find it’s gone in the crowd the next day. Luckily the favorite blog function on HUTD comes to the rescue!

Add and remove favorite blogs
Anytime you find a blog you would like to bookmark, simply press the bookmark icon next to it’s name in the header. Remember you have to be logged in to add and remove bookmarks this way. Simply press that same icon again to remove it from your favorites. (This icon has been added instead of the “add this blog to your favorites” link that appeared in all blog posts.)

Front page
If you’re logged in, your favorite blogs are always listed below the featured headlines on the front page of Hattrick United.

Most favorite blogs widget
It is also possible to share you favorite blogs with your readers by using the HUTD:  Favorite Blogs widget.

Happy favoriting!

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