Introducing National Team Blogs

National teams can now get a blog on Hattrick United, and the National coach will be in charge of it. The NT coach can also give other persons editor access, to help with the writing. On Hattrick the latest blog headlines will be visible and linked from the National team page.

When a new national coach is assigned (after an election), the new coach can claim the blog. At this point the old national team coach will lose access to it and so will all the editors. The new coach can then choose new editors, if he/she wants to.

If you’re a National coach, this is a how you create a blog for your National team:
1. Register to Hattrick United if you haven’t already (you can delete your team blog if you don’t want it)
2. Go to your dashboard
3. If you are in the Easy Admin Area, activate the Advanced Admin Area (using the button in the top right corner)
4. Fill in the form that allows you to create a NT blog
5. The blog will be created and so will the url to your blog (you can’t change it)

If you want to add editors to your blog, do like this:
1. Go to your dashboard (switch advance area on if you haven’t)
2. Select Users
3. Select Add New

All bloggers have access to a NT Widget which they can add to their blog to support their NT. There is also a new Meetup widget for everyone looking to arrange or attend Hattrick meetups. The social sharing has improved with Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet and Google +1 buttons at the bottom of each blog post.

Happy blogging!

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