Feds and Press – and more news

We got a hot plate full of new stuff for you today!

First of all, on the HUTD front page you have three new story sections: One for Press, one for National teams and one for Federations. Each of these sections shows the three latest blog post.

Also, to the right you’ll find a widget with featured blogs, having replaced the official blogs widget. In this widget you’ll find direct links to the Dev blog and Press, but also to new pages with the latest NT and Fed blogs. All in all, we hope it will be much easier to find interesting blogs to read now.

However, the big news of the day is naturally the introduction of Fed blogs and the Press blog!

Feds can now open up their own blogs here on HUTD, which naturally place a HUTD widget on their federation page within Hattrick linking to the blog. Very similar to how things work for national teams and team blogs.

If you are the chief officer in a fed, you can create a fed blog:

1. Go to your dashboard (and activate the advanced admin area if you haven’t already)

2. Select Hattrick

3. Create a federation blog

You’ll now find a link to your fed blog dashboard in the top bar, under “My sites”.

The Hattrick Press blog  will be managed by the Global Editors. On this blog they will share interesting news and articles from the Hattrick world. Happy reading!

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