New: Stats and Spam filter

We have added blog statistics (Google analytics) and Spam filter (Akismet) to HUTD. To use them, you need to activate them first though:

Activating stats from Google Analytics:

1. Go to your Dashboard (activate advanced admin if you haven’t already)

2. Select Plugins

3. Activate Google Analytics

4. Select Settings (in the left menu)

5. Select Google Analytics

6. Insert your Google Analytics tracking  code (if you haven’t got one, sign up for one on Help/guide can be found here.)

Save it and you’re done!

You can also add the Google Analytics dashboard to your blog dashboard, making it easier to see your stats:

1. Go to your dashboard

2. Select Settings

3. Select Google Analytics Dashboard and follow the instructions

If you want your stats to be public, there is a Google Analytics widget to use. Just add it as any other widget from your dashboard.

Activating Akismet Spam filter:

1. Go to your Dashboard (activate the advanced area if you haven’t already)

2. Select Plugins

3. Select Akismet Configuration and follow the guide.

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