(C)rushing for gold!

To the dearest followers of the club,

you may have seen it. Maybe you have heard of it. There is also a slight chance that you’ve got wind in the forgotten parts of Switzerland, where the defeated FC Rünenberg is licking it’s wounds and hiding away from the public laughter. It’s gold they were after, it is a lousy medal of silver they have to decorate themselves with, because there could only be one on the top. The men who were to be honored with the delights of being the sole winner of The Gold Rushers Cup? Of course, yours truly, the Blue Royals!

After crushing and devouring the mere peasants in the group stage, the last three steps to glory were enjoyed the most. In an act of divine royal dignity, the Blue Royals made the triumphant gesture of letting every single one of their clearly overwhelmed adversaries score two goals. The opponents rejoiced for minutes only to see themselves outdone by whom they feared the most: The majestic squad of the Blue Royals.

Delighted greetings,
Erwin Eichhorn