Switzerland … in a recession?

We started the tournament with 10 Swiss teams, but only 4 made it to the knockouts. What is more, we already have a Swiss derby between CFB Zurique and Chupa’s Kicker, which will see only one reaching the Quarter Finals.

CFB Zurique : Chupa’s Kicker
The Swiss derby includes the current holders of the Chupa’s Kicker, who are favourites to go through.

MiniBlue* : Copalmantos
The Southern Italians will be facing a rare Brasileiro team who did great in the groups. Will be an interesting match to follow.

Embajador 1946 : Peleboys
The Colombians took it easy as they played the national cup. However they have a very tough opponent in Peleboys … the Dutch got most points in the group, no less than 16 😮

FC Borba 1973 : Campeone Bransileiro
These two teams did not show off very much, and passed with few points. And these are the quiet teams that usually go very far! Good luck guys 😉

Brazileiros Osowiec : C.D.Arunda
The Polish side almost managed an average 3 goals per game in the groups. On the other hand, the Spanish-Moroccans barely made it through in a mission-impossible group. On which team is your money? 😮

Cruzeiro DK : Tripo Revengers
Grrrr Cruzeiro DK >:P This team started with two defeats, and ended the groups with a 10-0 victory over my team lol. Will these statistics impress the Italians? I don’t think so hehe

Dark Assassins : DITO F.C.
The revelation of last season against the best US football team in the world hehe =)

Lusitania Brazil : FC Petanque
The English are favourites against the Czechs. Could this be the English year? You know, the London Olympics and stuff … lol


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