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Switzerland … in a recession?

We started the tournament with 10 Swiss teams, but only 4 made it to the knockouts. What is more, we already have a Swiss derby between CFB Zurique and Chupa’s Kicker, which will see only one reaching the Quarter Finals.

CFB Zurique : Chupa’s Kicker
The Swiss derby includes the current holders of the Chupa’s Kicker, who are favourites to go through.

MiniBlue* : Copalmantos
The Southern Italians will be facing a rare Brasileiro team who did great in the groups. Will be an interesting match to follow.

Embajador 1946 : Peleboys
The Colombians took it easy as they played the national cup. However they have a very tough opponent in Peleboys … the Dutch got most points in the group, no less than 16 😮

FC Borba 1973 : Campeone Bransileiro
These two teams did not show off very much, and passed with few points. And these are the quiet teams that usually go very far! Good luck guys 😉

Brazileiros Osowiec : C.D.Arunda
The Polish side almost managed an average 3 goals per game in the groups. On the other hand, the Spanish-Moroccans barely made it through in a mission-impossible group. On which team is your money? 😮

Cruzeiro DK : Tripo Revengers
Grrrr Cruzeiro DK >:P This team started with two defeats, and ended the groups with a 10-0 victory over my team lol. Will these statistics impress the Italians? I don’t think so hehe

Dark Assassins : DITO F.C.
The revelation of last season against the best US football team in the world hehe =)

Lusitania Brazil : FC Petanque
The English are favourites against the Czechs. Could this be the English year? You know, the London Olympics and stuff … lol


Who’s the favourite again?

Before the start of BIF Cup, the black market of gambling was exploding with bets on two or three teams … 2 rounds later and seems like nobody has a clue on who can win the fifth edition of BIF Cup!

Embajador1946, the classical favourites, are having a sensational experience in the cup … err, the national cup! The Colombians keep on getting automatic draws, which could see them miss the K.O.s for the first time! We wish them all the best in the national cup of course :)

Group A is simply group of death! Former champions 1977 CRVG and Chupa’s Kicker in the same group with provisional leaders C.D.Arunda! The Brazilians have the best midfield ratings of the Cup; the Swiss the best attack of the Cup … and the Spanish-Moroccans the best defence of the Cup! Amazing 😮

From the initial favourites, Lusitania Brazil is the only club enjoying full points, with outsiders Los Blancos and DITO F.C. also winning both matches. As for Dynamo Killo and FC Mc Josh, they have dropped points already.

BIF Cup 5 has the potential to be the most exciting cup we’ve seen so far!


BIF Cup is back!

The official tournament of BrAsIL-iNtEr-FeD is going to start in a couple of weeks!

Every member of the fed is invited to participate, by following these 5 easy steps:

  1. Visit http://www.databased.at/hattrick/cupmanager/
  2. Login with your hattrick username & password
  3. Now visit http://www.databased.at/hattrick/cupmanager/?id=25081
  4. Click on apply for cup>>
  5. The cup password is Brainwave


This will be the 5th BIF Cup we are organising. 21 teams have already booked their place, but our target is 32. We want YOU to register asap :-) Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a pro, or if you’re playing full team or with the trainees!

For more info visit our forum: (15512902.41)

Thanks in advance!