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10 – 0!

After another emphatic win against Bot team Reign City Ravens, manager Rustyjack took time out to reflect on the season so far. “We have played 10 games with 10 wins and have only conceded 1 goal and scored 79. We are on course to move up next season but we have been there before and have bad memories of that. In season 44 we were undefeated and won promotion but there followed two drastic seasons and we were subsequently relegated back to Series V.” With this in mind Rustyjack has had talks with the Chairman and last week put in a bid for a forward to strengthen the teams firepower. 25 year old Austrian striker Niklas Widhalm was signed from German club Lokomotive Derendorf on Saturday afternoon and was immediately included in the squad for Sundays game. He scored a hattrick and looks to be one of Rustyjack’s better signings. “Time will tell” beamed a delighted Rustyjack after the game, “but it looks like we have unearthed a gem here. We need players of Niklas’s calibre if we are to succeed at a higher level next season. Chairman Ricky Tula and I will have more discussions over a few drams in the coming weeks in preparation for next season” The fans, who have been high on life all season, can hardly wait!


New Keeper

After hasty discussions with Chairman Ricky Tula this morning, manager Rustyjack was on his laptop in contact with officials at Polish club Mordercy pilek. “I had heard that they had a goalkeeper who wanted a move and, after a few phone calls to some of my contacts, decided that we should make an offer. I am delighted that my offer was accepted and 20 year old Hakan Noyan has agreed to join Cabuie for the new season,” explained a delighted Rustyjack late this afternoon. Originally from Bulgaria, Hakan has played for the last year in Poland but has not been able to command a regular first team place. Cabuie reserve Keeper Vittorio Forato, who is the team coach, is 38 now and not as sharp as he once was. “We really needed cover for the Keeper position and I think we have an excellent choice here where two top keepers will be fighting for the place each game.” Hakan will be thrown in at the deep end as he will be between the sticks in Cabuie’s Cup game against haywards fc in New South Wales on Wednesday.



After two difficult seasons in series IV Cabuie eventually had to succumb and will play their football next season in Series V.95. Hopefully this will give the manager, players and staff the jolt they need. A good number of fans have not renewed their season tickets and subsequent gate money will be reduced. This could create a problem for manager Rustyjack in trying to strengthen the squad. “This could be a good opportunity for some of the younger players to stake a claim for a permanent place in the first team”, said a disconsolate Rustyjack at a public relations event to encourage new sponsors for the club. “I hope this state of affairs will only last one season”, lamented Rustyjack, “and the lads will bounce back refreshed and ready to expunge the memories of the last few games this season.” There are four Bots and three fairly new clubs in the Series Cabuie will play in next season and Rustyjack was quietly confident that his team would be back in Series III after only one season. There had been a few frustrating evening meetings between the manager and the Chairman last week fuelled by a couple of bottles of Clynelish which helped  bring their discussions to amicable agreement.



What a Season!

After fourteen games Cabuie finished the season top of the league having won all of their games! “what an amazing achievement” beamed Chairman  Ricky Tula, at the clubs A.G.M./Christmas Party at the Ibis hotel Christchurch.” Who would have believed we would be playing in the fifth series after such a short time. I congratulate the players, staff and, of course manager Rustyjack who has brought some of his Scottish skills to our game!” Rustyjack was sitting in a corner nursing a small Lagavulin thinking to himself, “these lads don’t know what they have let themselves in for!!” Rustyjack had already checked out the opposition in Series V.15 and started to plan a  strategy with the coaching staff. New players will be required to do justice to the new environment and that means spending money. That subject has still to be broached with Ricky but, for tonight let him sleep happily! At least the fans regard each day in the new league a bonus.


Thinking About Next Season

One of this manager’s best seasons is nearing its end. Cabuie have played 11 league games and won them all culminating in a hard fought win on Sunday against That’s a Knife which pushed them down into 4th place. There is now a gap of 9 points between Cabuie and second placed Kilcoy Yowies. The victory did not come without cost however as two more injuries were added to the treatment room. There are now 5 first team players out injured from 1 to 3 weeks! – 3 forwards and 2 wingers!! The most unfortunate was Žarko Lenarčić playing in his first game for the club since joining from German club Second City Saints only last week. He only managed 17 minutes before having to be carried off on a stretcher and will be out for three weeks. He is unlikely to feature again this season. Welcome to Oceania! The last three games are all against Bots and manager Rustyjack is confident that the remaining players will be able to continue the success achieved so far. With promotion a realistic possibility Rustyjack and Chairman Ricky Tula immediately arranged a meeting for next week to discuss plans for next season. ” I think I might introduce him to the pleasures of malt whisky!” said the manager after the press conference.



Steady progress is being maintained in the development of Cabuie. Since Rustyjack took control of the club in May, 9 new signings have arrived and are helping towards the club’s success. The team reached the third round of the Oceanian Cup being defeated 3-1 by experienced New Zealand North club The Steamers. “For a first attempt in the competition I think the lads did very well”, said Rustyjack later. For the new season the Board agreed with Rustyjack’s recommendation to switch leagues and now play in Series VI.2. “The thinking behind this was that we were being faced with Bot teams every week and this was hampering the players development and the fans interest. Having said that our new league has four Bot teams but it is still better than last season”, explained the manager. Cabuie sit joint top of the league with three wins from three games. The fan club, The Cabbies, continues to grow and now boasts a membership approaching 800. As a result of this the stadium, Ashwick, which had already been upgraded, is presently undergoing further expansion and will soon have room for 15,000 at home games. The Youth Academy, The Cabuie Cubs is now well established but it will take time to find a number of potential players for the senior team and the club will have to rely on imported players in the meantime. Now that Cabuie is out of the Cup, Rustyjack is hoping to play a greater part in the HTU Golden League with the first game on 2 October at home to  Cuomos’s first team Vi flæsker jer. Other HTU managers are keen to pit their teams against Cabuie and some exciting games are in prospect!



The First Season.

On 6th May 2013  Rustyjack, who runs Scottish club Polomint, took over New Zealand club Dixon Park and renamed it Cabuie. He was welcomed by Chairman Ricky Tula who said “It feels great to have you on board. We’re really honoured to have such an experienced and skilled manager as yourself in charge of the team.” The work then began assessing the team already signed to the club. Although the standard was not the same as the manager was used to, Rustyjack was pleasantly surprised at the playing level of some of the players. A few changes to the training regime found a few of them out and and eight players were bought and brought in to the club. At the start of the season Cabuie reached  the third round of the Oceanian Cup. They played in the Upstarters Cup, run by Cuomos, and finished as No 11 without winning a single game! Lee won all his games and eventually won the Cup with The Lost Saxons. Finishing third in Series VI.33, they achieved 10 clean sheets but amassed 9 yellow cards and 1 red. Two players sustained injuries, both in the same game against The Lost Saxons! Generally the season has gone well and the arena, Ashwick, has been expanded to 13100 to accommodate the Cabbies, the growing fan club which now has a membership of 668. At the end of the season Rustyjack spoke with Ricky, the Chairman and it was decided to swap leagues and the club negotiated with the Hattrick Football Association and moved from VI.33 to VI.2.

Next season  promises to be an exciting one with new challenges and different opponents. The staff at Cabuie feel, with a few additions, the club can achieve the success the fans are hoping for. Their first game of the new season is the first round of the Oceanian Cup away to, appropriately, hungry Jack on 4 September