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Fans Riot as Casula Crash Out

The Division IV battlers went down in a close knit fight today. However the game was overshadowed by the fans reactions only moments afterwards. Fans, disgruntled after the lacklustre performance, walked across the road from Jardine Park and set fire to Casula Mall. Police refuse to comment on reports of fatalities but the Casula United management were free speaking.

“No-one died you idiot, now get out of my face” were the only remarks on the touchy subject issued by Casula manager Kizza.

“My team should have won today. They did not perform up to my expected standards and changes may have to be made this week to show my displeasure.”

It seems that heads will roll this week at United, however, with no cup to focus on the players now have the chance to focus upon avoiding relegation.


Record Breaking Signing

Upon the hallowed turf of Jardine Park, Casula United manager Kizza was today proudly announcing the clubs new record breaking signing.  Adam Oberlies, who signed today for the Sydney club, is rumoured to have cost the club a staggering 7.5 million dollars. Manager Kizza stated that “although he (Adam) is a natural born speedster down the line, I’ll be looking to fit him into the style of play here at Jardine Park”.

When quizzed about the philosophy of bringing in a foreign player for such a hefty fee, Kizza replied “I’m only interested in the best talent available. If that can’t be found on Oceanic shores then overseas I must look. We have numerous European and in particularly German players here to help Adam adapt and I don’t think his nationality will have any affect on his performances.”

Oberlies also released a short statement about joining his new club.

“I welcome to be here for good of team. Manager is good to bring me here and I do best for he. I play on flank but new challenge make very interest with me. Thankyou.”

The untested player is set to make an appearance sometime in the coming week and we’re all intrigued to see if such frivolous spending pays off for the local manager.


New Big Money Deal!!!!

Casula United are proud to announce a new media deal with online publisher’s HattrickUnited. The big money deal marks the continued progress shown by the Western Sydney outfit who, aided by media dollars, are rebuilding the nucleus of a competitive squad. Not much else is known about the club at this stage but future press announcements are sure to introduce some of the oddities surrounding the squad and the clubs current manager. Kizza is said to be short tempered with little to no patience, players and coaches beware.


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