Back to Earth

The start of the season couldn’t be better. Celtic Brno promoted to division IV. and we expected some tough fixtures. First match supposed to set a course and the team felt prepared. The match against Ouldovi hroši went really well. Eleven minutes to the game Timon Trapletti scored his first of the season, which happened to be also the game winning goal. Ouldovi hroši didn’t find a recipe to Alexander Nikerov, who left the match with a first shutout in his stats this season. In 27th minute, Vladimír Petýrek, who returned back to Celtic after some time spent in Hungary, sealed the deal with his goal. 2:0 for Celtic,  3 points at the start of the season.Timon Trapletti and Jalo Kankaapää were announced as members of the squad of the round.

Fans got crazy and of course, the team got carried away. The players organised a huge party and celebrated till the sun went up in the morning. Everybody was enjoying the hype and nobody knew what is coming our way. The next week we were facing SP Sparta, the team who lost their their first fixture but for sure, the were ready to bring their first points home, especially from a game at their home stadium.

23 minutes into the game, players of Celtic Brno experienced a cold shower and a wake-up call. SP Sparta scored a beauty from the left side and we were losing 1:0.  It didn’t help because 3 minutes later, Celtic Brno went under the shower again. And this time, the water was ice cold. Jos0 Carlos Mulero of SP Sparta made it look really easy and showed us how to score a goal. 2:0. This moment pretty much set the picture of the whole match. We weren’t able to pick up and although we managed to create chances, we were pulling the shorter string the whole time. In 36th minute, Vladimír Petýrek scored a contact goal, 2:1. SP Sparta again showed how to direct a game and scored their 3rd goal in 42nd minute of the first half. It looked like we will go to the dressing room 2 goals shorter, but then in 43rd minute Hans-Toni Hauser-Larcher got lucky and corrected the score to 3:2. The second half was nothing but a huge disappointment. Sad hero of this fixture was Petýrek, who was announced as a best player of Celtic Brno, but managed to throw away three 100% goal chances. On the other side, SP Sparta toughed us a lesson about scoring. Two chances and two goals.

5:2 looks like really unfair score, but let’s be honest, Celtic Brno deserved to lose this time. They were too sure of their place, too certain that this league will be a walk in the park. This is a real return from the heights of your own ego back to mother Earth. We could see, during Monday’s practice, how players are focused and giving their best out there on the field. We believe they won’t underestimate the situation ever again and they will strive for perfection.

Good luck to Celtic in the next fixture, because they might as well need it. We will face TJe to s námi bídné, a team who is no rookie in the IV. division. Who do you think will win?

About benisippo

A former ice-hockey player, whos second love was football and a club Celtic Glasgow. After early retirement from ice-hockey, he started to follow football more and more and finally did his manager license. Being picked by a visionary group of investors, he is proving season by season he is the right choice for Celtic Brno.