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End of season report [Season 54]

Season 54 has come to end. With high expectations from the fans and players. Manager Deanlo thought it was his year however losing crucial games against the active clubs crushed Duttons hopes. Julio Godoy takes top scorer of the league award.

This season we saw a few new signings, the likes of Madariaga, Espa, Wimmers, Friedhoff and most recently the most important signing of Ivica Ritonja.

The team would like to congratulate brotherly club Etthering Thistle in Scotland for their promotion. Deanlo, manager of both clubs states: “Seems Etthering Thistle is the stronger side at the minute, it could all change nearer the future though, Duttons has good youth, with stars like Michael Gulch and Irvin Joyce, I plan to make the most out of that”.

Here are the following Nominations for the End of Season Awards:

Nominations for Youth player of the Season (Under 21):

Michael Gulch, Irvin Joyce and Adam Milner

Nominations for Fans Favorite player of the Season:

Sam Murdock, Julio Godoy and Riny Cousin

Nominations for Player of the Season:

Mathieu Blomoser, Riny Cousin and Julio Godoy

The winners will be revealed down the local pub later on in the evening. The winners will also be given a brand new Audi R8 each, so there’s a lot to lose!


Mathieu Blomoser: ‘I want to leave’

Today crucial talks were held between Duttons manager Deanlo and top striker Mathieu Blomoser after it is said that he wants to leave the club. Mathieu Blomoser had stated in the past he would like to play more top flight football at a bigger club some day and it could come a reality very soon. After long talks with the Striker, The manager was asked what he thought on the situation and he simply said: “He’s going nowhere”.

Earlier this week Deanlo admitted the club is in a crisis this season after watching the club lose two of the most important games this season. The local newspaper headlined: ‘Its all down from now’ monday morning after the club lost 4-2 to league rivals Dolton Palace.

Duttons currently sitting 4th in the table with only four games being played this season so far. The club play at Dutton Lane this Sunday against bottom of the league side fardon utd.


Duttons pick up ‘awkward’ cup draw.

All the team and staff of the club were gathered earlier this week for the season 54 English Cup draw. To all disappointment, The club were drawn letchworth f.c, and the fans claim ‘We will lose’.

Captain Sam Murdock stated to a local news reporter: ‘This is a real kick in the teeth, we could potentially be out of the cup very early. However we won’t go without a fight.’  Also on the day of the cup, Sam Murdock will be the first Chelsea Dutton player to reach 50 appearances. He added: ‘I am very honored to be the first player to reach 50 appearances. The manager said I am in for a surprise on Tuesday, I look forward to what it could be.’

On the day of  the draw, the seasonal awards for Season 53 were revealed.

Player of the Season: #10.Mathieu Blomoser (Award presented by Manager Deanlo)

Young Player of the Season: #20. Patxi Nicole (Award presented by Chairman, Leroy Jenkins)

Fans Player of the Season: #3.Sam Murdock (Award presented by Director of Football, Vern Crank)

Mathieu Blomoser picked up Player of the Season the second season in a row. He said: ‘This is just great. I just keep improving on my performance every season. Let hope next season I can win again!’



End of Season 53 Report!

Its been another busy season at Dutton Lane in which it all ended tonight and saw a 2nd place finish in the league at dark angel arena for the Duttons.

In tonight’s match program the front page wrote in big and bold ‘I love this club‘. Passionate words by the man in the very center of the club, the manager. In a interview (Published in the match program) the Duttons manager, Deanlo stated:

‘This club has passion, pride and opportunity. I love this club with my heart, All the players are dedicated and loyal. We have some of the best youth talent coming through and this season we have seen our strongest youth squad to date, and when they reach the right age, they will be playing the big time in our first team. As for the first team, this season has been a success despite missing out on promotion, next season we will be even stronger and ready to win.’

The fans were delighted by the words from the manager. ‘I believe in the manager and the team, we will come back fighting next season’ said one of the Duttons fans.

Nominations for Player of the Season are as follow:

#10.Mathieu Blomoser, #20. Patxi Nicole & #1 Bruce Curran

Nominations for Young player of the Season are as follow:

#4 Louis Maurice#20. Patxi Nicole & #12 Simon Lackner

Nominations for Fans Favorite Player of the Season are as Follow:

#3.Sam Murdock, #10.Mathieu Blomoser & #5 Genaro Mendonca

The awards will take place in the next few days at the club bar.

On the other hand it has been revealed today that the club has made two new signings from Germany, to add a little German Spice to the team. Inner Midfielder, Tobi Wimmer (£33 333) from Electroniciastas C.F & Central Defender, Thorsten Friedhoff, (£38 080) from Strenenkicker. Tobi Wimmer made a shock first team debut in tonight’s match. Thorsten Friedhoff is due to make his debut in the new season.



Coach steps down after two seasons!

Duttons first team coach Jens Kure has stepped down as coach after nearly two seasons at the club. It is rumored that he fell out with a number of the players and his resignation is due to his heavily drinking problems.

Earlier talking to the local radio station Jens Kure stated:

Over the past few weeks I’ve felt uneasy at the club and the manager knew that. So I have decided to resign as first team coach. I wish my replacement the very best of luck.

The club has found a strong replacement for Jens Kure after recruiting polish coach Tadeusz Zawalich as the new first team coach who has passable coaching skills and passable leadership. However because of this strong replacement, it took a heavy chunk out of the teams low budget and the club is now unlikely to make any big signings over the season break.

Duttons currently sit second in the league with three matches to go. With leaders Dark Angel currently sitting 3 points ahead and a huge 17 goal difference ahead, it seems unlikely the club will be promoted this season.


Youth prospects for the Future!

The Chelsea Dutton’s fans have noticed a slight change in the club. The first game of the season (Undoubtedly the most important game of the season) was lost to rivals Dark Angel and the fans quoting, ‘None of the players looked as if they wanted to be on the pitch, the game was easily lost’. However the previous two league games were comfortable wins for the club. Last seasons motto was to ‘Win every game possible’ but the club is now focusing on its new youth prospects and its financial state.

Speaking to the local sports radio station, Manager Deanlo said:

‘I’ve been working on a long term plan for the club, promotion is not on the radar for this season, which some fans may have mixed responses on. My aim is to train our youth, tomorrows players and get the clubs finances on track. I have 3 young forwards that I will train on scoring throughout the season. With a little respect and patience from the press and the clubs fans, the club will be on track for success sooner than expected.’

Manager Deanlo upgraded to Platinum Supporter this week, suggesting to the local press that Manager Deanlo could start a 2nd club.


New Signings

Manager Deanlo has been busy putting pen to paper recently before the new season begins, signing 7 new players in the past month alone.

The biggest signing of them all is the signing of 29 year old defender Kevin Lisbach from AFC Anfield VS which cost the club a small fee of £11,334 and is now currently the highest rated TSI player in the club. However when he arrived at the club the other players seemed unsettled by his arrival. Captain Sam Murdock told reporters outside Dutton Lane:

‘I think its gonna take a while for Kevin Lisbach to settle in, he has isolated himself from the other players in training and has requested to have one on one sessions with the coach, which is insulting to the other players because no one ever gets one on one with the coach!’

Wing Back Genaro Mendonca also signed for the club this week, which will strengthening up the team’s play on the wings.

To make way for this defense duo, the club announced that defender Alceu Gonzaga and winger Solomon Lediane have been sold.


  • Olav Johannessen (17) £3 333 from Valldal IL
  • Carlos Humberto Del Canto (17) £667 from Atenuadores F.C.
  • Riny Cousin (29) £4 001 from Unwinables
  • Patxi Nicole (17) £6 667 from Alex Del Piero is here!
  • Genaro Mendonca (23) £33 335 from FC Real Bañil
  • Kevin Lisbach (29) £11 334 from FC Anfield VS
  • Simon Lackner (22) £7 369 from AFC Wirschtlstand


  • Solomon Lediane (28) £667 to FC DUVEL DISTILLED
  • Alceu Gonzaga (26) £833 to Clube de Regatas Goytacaz

The club has been drawn a tough match in round one of the English Club when we play London Leos and fans predict ‘we will lose’.


End of season Drunks!

The whistle blew on the 90th minute yesterday and Chelsea Duttons had won the game 3-2 against SAF United, securing 3rd place in the table. The players and fans celebrated like they had won the league, a number of drunk fans got past the stewards to hug their idols. A very tired captain Sam Murdock spoke to a local newspaper reporter while the celebrations we’re taking place:

‘This is crazy, everyone is celebrating like we have won the league, But it shows how loyal our fans are. Today’s game was not easy, we worked hard for today’s win, we are all very happy with 3rd place, I think we can push for 2nd next season!’

Sam Murdock was quickly grabbed from the reporter by manager Deanlo, the reporter reported that the manager tapped him on the back and shock his hand, ‘It was a sign of congratulations to his captain’.

After yesterdays game, a low profile Awards Dinner took place for the blues. Those who were invited we’re the boardroom staff, players, a local newspaper reporter, a handful of special guests from outside the club and a couple of excited fans. The awards we’re announced as follows:

Player of the Season: #10.Mathieu Blomoser (Award presented by Manager Deanlo)

Young Player of the Season: #10.Mathieu Blomoser (Award presented by Coach Jens Kure)

Fans Player of the Season: #3.Sam Murdock (Award presented by the local pub owner, Dave)


Last game of the Season!

Tomorrow Chelsea Duttons will say a goodbye to our very first season on Hattrick. Its been a successful yet tough season, however both Manager Deanlo and Coach Jens Kure agree that the last game of the season will be the most important. Chelsea Duttons will fight it out for 3rd place when we play SAF United at Dutton Lane. Manager Deanlo and coach Jens Kure both issued a press conference yesterday and invited some die hard fans from outside Dutton Lane:

Fan #1: I love this club, And I’d like to see a better season next year, what are your plans for the club next season?

Jens Kure: ‘I would love to see us improve alot more next season, we will begin the season a lot stronger then we did last season. Next season I am also focusing on the youth, our future players, they will be trained to there full potential’

Fan #2: Its an honor to be speaking to you both, But what are your long term plans for the club?

Deanlo: Obviously promotion, However I think we are a little further from promotion then I had originally expected. I will give it another 3 maybe 4 more seasons, these things take time, we are still building on the club.

Captain Sam Murdock will lead The Blues out to the final game of the season tomorrow, with The Blues the favorites to win. Key goalscorer Ramiro Andres Solis is out injured and will not play.

Nominations for Player of the Season are as Follow: #3.Sam Murdock, #10.Mathieu Blomoser & #7.Julio Godoy.

Nominations for Young Player of the Season are as Follow: #8.Shayne Washbrook, #4.Louis Maurice & #10.Mathieu Blomoser.

Nominations for Fans Favorite Player of the Season are as Follow: #3.Sam Murdock, #7.Julio Godoy & #9.Ramiro Andres Solis.

Player of the Season, young player of the season and fans favorite player of the season will be announced after tomorrows final game.


Chelsea Duttons holding on,

Its been a long first season for this new club in the very bottom of the Hattrick English League and most fans agree that the season has been a success with the help from Manager Deanlo, Captain Sam Murdock, all the players and staff, but coach Jens Kure believes its not all over yet, a local newspaper reporter spoke to the coach this morning:

Reporter: ‘Hi Jens, can Chelsea Dutton’s finish above both rivals SAF United and dark angels in this close end of season race for 2nd place?’

Jens: ‘Sure we can give it a go, but its not the end of the season yet, not until the last game has been played’

Reporter: ‘Everything is going well for a first season for the club, but can you see this club at a high level of the Hattrick English League one day?

Jens: ‘Yes I can, however it will take many years, or maybe even a decade but i’ll be supporting them all the way’

Reporter: ‘So you won’t be coaching them when that day comes?’

Jens: ‘Obviously not, I’m a good coach at this level of the game but I cannot take the club that far, there are coaches 10 times better than me. As the club grows, the manager, players and fans will too’

Chelsea Duttons can announce today that an extra 3,000 seats will be built around Dutton Lane this week, taking a huge budget out of the Finances but is said by Manager Deanlo that This is a treat to our fans.