End of season report [Season 54]

Season 54 has come to end. With high expectations from the fans and players. Manager Deanlo thought it was his year however losing crucial games against the active clubs crushed Duttons hopes. Julio Godoy takes top scorer of the league award.

This season we saw a few new signings, the likes of Madariaga, Espa, Wimmers, Friedhoff and most recently the most important signing of Ivica Ritonja.

The team would like to congratulate brotherly club Etthering Thistle in Scotland for their promotion. Deanlo, manager of both clubs states: “Seems Etthering Thistle is the stronger side at the minute, it could all change nearer the future though, Duttons has good youth, with stars like Michael Gulch and Irvin Joyce, I plan to make the most out of that”.

Here are the following Nominations for the End of Season Awards:

Nominations for Youth player of the Season (Under 21):

Michael Gulch, Irvin Joyce and Adam Milner

Nominations for Fans Favorite player of the Season:

Sam Murdock, Julio Godoy and Riny Cousin

Nominations for Player of the Season:

Mathieu Blomoser, Riny Cousin and Julio Godoy

The winners will be revealed down the local pub later on in the evening. The winners will also be given a brand new Audi R8 each, so there’s a lot to lose!