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Season 50 news

It’s the end of season 49, or the second complete season for all of us! Woohoo!

First of all, congrats to all the teams who have secured Promotions:

Manager Team New series
Richard J Ward ARU Allstars
England V.225
Candice-Marie Nuts in May
England V.187
toptashy Ashdown Athletic
England V.215
England V.29
ADoyle Mustache Cash Stash
Oceania V.28
dchahin F.C. Rubik
USA V.175
coachnix West Texas Outlaws
USA V.165
stroudie AFC Gingers
England V.46
gabkhach fc graviton
USA V.87
Goldenskillz The Vipers
England V.237
planetvu Argonauts F.C.
USA V.237
sanytive Logan Cobras
Oceania V.55
hairymonsta Derby Elite
England V.165
Davbarsco Aintree FC
England V.37
sirky Team Discovery Channel
seanmcc Marrarra Hackers
Oceania V.188


Also, be sure to tune in to all the Qualification matches next Monday! Some of us are fighting to stay up (like me) and others are looking to cap off their series championship with a promotion.

Manager Team At stake Opponent Match
frankxiv PEPE FC
Pro to Oceania IV.19
Lonesome Losers (394994917)
lkswift Peace Corps
Rel to USA VI.539
Yao FC (395036451)
rairaid Celldweller War Pigs
Rel to Oceania VI.293
JC United (394995522)
jaeboo Sidekicks FC
Rel to USA IV.78
Crusaders United (395036477)
UtherPendragon Merlin’s Magic
Pro to Wales III.10
AFC Ukulele (394989073)
jpaull FC Unionville
Rel to USA VI.184
The Valley Football Club (395036409)
crabGoblin Free Pizza F.C.
Rel to USA VI.31
Kahoona PoAS (395036445)
mrsmith79 Chingford Raiders
Pro to England V.139
Were on the ball (395023427)
maxpower123 cheadle champs
Pro to England V.126
Hatless Wonders FC (395023538)
Nojika Coral Cove FC
Rel to USA VI.32
North Granby Cardinals (395036432)
cheken Reading Bulldogs
Pro to England V.51
Cupid Stunts (395023585)
DJSlayer Volturnus
Pro to England V.20
Skunky Boys (395023400)
skywalka ThE GeNeSiS FC
Rel to Oceania V.664
Queensland Surfers (394995435)
Homerthe2nd The Ugly Dwarfs
Pro to Canada IV.56
LEC United (395030701)
PavelBG1 Dounav
Pro to England V.233
Bolton Athletics (395023423)
hylanda AC Hylan
Pro to Ireland IV.27
kaši (395018291)
CGKillers Communist Grass Killers
Rel to USA VI.609
Bryce Canyon kickers (395036458)
misterJT Charis FC
Pro to Singapore III.4
newbies are newbies (394995818)
RodzoR Twin Rivers F.C.
Pro to Canada IV.38
Aigles de Laval (395030777)




Celldweller War Pigs become XLVII Cup Champions

Congratulations to rairaid and the Celldweller War Pigs (423213) for his 3-0 victory [tournamentmatchid=111955] over Rugby rovers to become the inaugural XLVII Cup Champions! It was a close match with Rovers only holding 51% possession for the match, but CWP’s defense led by veteran keeper Horst Bucher held strong for the clean sheet, and Leonard Holderegger had two goals just to his name.

Scotsam’s Bing Frissel (209407307) and Cheadle’s Henno Katharinen (188882909) share the tournament Golden Boot, with six goals each.

It was a great tournament I think, so thanks everyone who participated!

Signups for the next season are currently in the forums (15857630.1), and so far 22 teams have signed up. It is scheduled to start on October 8th. Also, this time I’m sweetening the pot and offering a one-month supporter reward to the winner! This is the big time now!

Good luck on the rest of everyone’s season!


Tournament news

Happy Friday 47ers! I have tournament news.

First off, the semifinals of the 1st ever federation cup are this Monday! It is now down to the four division winners to see who will be the federation champions! Celldweller War Pigs face off against Cheadle Champs, and ARU Allstars will contend with Rugby Rovers. Be sure to watch, it should be exciting. Tourney page: [tournamentid=479594]

Also, signups for the 2nd edition of the tournament is now open, in the forums (15857630.1). The first round is slated to start on October 1st, so if you want to join let me know and I’ll put you down. The exact format will be determined by how many teams sign up. It should be fun!


Cup championship and youth leagues

Hey everybody, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or AUS/NZ winter)

First off, congratulations to Richard J Ward (ARU), elasticspy2 (Rugby), rairaid (CWP), and maxpower123 (Cheadle) on becoming XLVII Cup division champions! We’ve had a really fun tournament so far, and these esteemed four will move on to the XLVII Cup Championship, scheduled to start next week (15799453.1). Good luck to all of you!

If people are still interested in competition between fed members, feel free to organize informal tournaments in the forums. And you can expect to hear more from me in the future regarding the next season of the big official tourney, as my thoughts and plans coalesce.

I feel kinda funny about announcing this next thing, but another fed I am in is organizing a full-blown youth league, complete with promotion and relegation. Hopefully it takes off because it seems like a pretty cool idea to me. Take a look over there if you’re interested: (106372)


Season 49, XLVII cup, and youth leagues

Congratulations to all of us who have just completed our first full HT season!

I’ll be promoting to USA division V now, and there are lot of us making similar changes. I put together a summary in the forums (15714299.1) of all the federation promotions and qualification matches, so be sure to check that out and wish the teams luck in the next challenging season.

Also, the first division of the XLVII Cup will be starting soon, so that’s exciting. More divisions will be set up soon, and there is still room for more teams if you’re interested and haven’t let me know yet.
* Discussion thread: (15714366.1)
* Signup thread: (15699031.1)

Lastly, there’s been talk by a few of us, and some thinking (mostly by rairaid), about setting up youth leagues for the fed, for some extra fun and for maximizing youth training. Check that out here: (15693191.15)

Also happy Memorial Day to all you other yanks among us!


Season 49 news

It’s the end of the season, so I wanted to give everyone an update about where our fellow XLVIIers are headed in season 49. Many interesting changes are in store for a good number of members: a lot of us are finishing up our first complete season in a bottom league full of bots and now look forward to a season full of new and challenging competition. Also make sure to root for our members next week during the qualification matches!

First, promotions:
* My own team, Free Pizza to USA division V; it says it’s ranked 230 of 256, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too bad
* CWB’s Scotsam FC to Scotland division IV
* LKSwift and his Peace Corps to USA div V
* Real Betis Hotpot FC, led by cheekychops, to England div V
* Craigburley1’s WendronLegends to England div V
* CryHard and the Lay By Scrubbers to Scotland div IV
* Gimmix FC to Oceania div V
* Freak United, led by HeliumFreak, to Oceania div IV
* icrover’s Millard Rovers to USA div V
* jaeboo and her Sidekicks FC to USA div V
* Hokitika City, led by jason1975 to Oceania div V
* jpaull’s FC Unionville to USA div V
* Jusztina and her Vlads Midnight Suckers to Oceania div V
* Superb Liège, led by jvvv64, to England div V
* Nojika’s Coral Cove FC to USA div V
* rairaid and the Celldweller War Pigs to Oceania div V
* FC Bringelly, led by r-andres, to Oceania div V
* skywalka’s ThE GeNeSiS FC to Oceania div V
* stevenw0505 and Stevies Sumos to Scotland div V
* AFC Victoria, led by sz danii, to Ireland div IV
* AJSha’s Kalgoorlie Crushers to Oceania div V

Qualification matches:
* Apacz7’s ratamahata will be playing Nobisco United for a place in England’s V.216
* Candice-Marie and the Nuts in May are up against yorkshirepudds for a spot in England’s V.253
* Communist Grass Killers gets to face a bot for entry in USA V.20, the lucky guy
* Reading Bulldogs, led by cheken, are challenging Immigrant Punk GB for membership in England’s V.209
* gabkhach’s fc graviton is up against Knights of the Leviathan for entry in V.188
* Goldenskillz and The Vipers will be playing wookies wonders for a spot in England’s V.107
* South Mountain Cripplers FC!!, led by jkman61494, are up against Chapel Hill United for entry in USA V.225
* MioPio’s DevilDawgs face FC Real Portland for membership in USA V.177
* Obliwio and FC Grosvenor are challenging Llama’s Army for a place in England V.228
* Argonauts FC, led by planetvu, will be playing Vidal united for entry in USA V.197
* sirky’s Team Discovery Channel are up against CC FC for membership in USA V.130
* teprick and Les Ulfserkers de Sherbrooke face the Northwest Cougars for a place in Canada IV.38
* Ashdown Athletic, led by toptashy, is challenging LEE UTD for a spot in England V.215
* wafflejski’s BIMA will be playing borough arms for a place in England V.42

* sanytive’s Logan Cobras
* UtherPendragon’s Merlin’s Magic

Good luck to everyone in season 49!



Greetings 47ers!

First of all I’d like to welcome everyone to the fed! I’m very glad with the turnout – in less than three weeks we’re up to 72 members from 8 different nations! I hope everyone is able to get what they would like to out of this community.

At this point I am going to start organizing the very first federation-wide tournament. Depending on the interest, I’m guessing that there will be several groups followed by a knockout stage.

If you would like to participate, I started a thread in the fed forums. If you haven’t joined the forum yet, I certainly encourage you to do so, at least to keep an eye on it. Good things are already happening.

Anyway I hope this fed can serve to boost everyone’s enjoyment in the game for many seasons to come! Thanks for joining!