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Season 2

Brand new season, and an outside chance of promotion. During last season, my first, one team ran away with the league, with me coming quite a bit behind. However he was replaced with a bot, leaving me to fight out this season with another human [but their secondary team], so the entire season should come down to just two matches.

The new training is a bit hard to get your head round at first, but I eventually went for three assistants, a medic & a form coach [all at level three], but will have to see if this works out. I sent the last of my money last season getting a good coach, so will have to wait until I have played a couple of matches or sold a player until I can expand the stadium, which I was filling at the end of last season.

All I can do is hope that if I do get promoted then I don’t go straight into a really hard league and just come straight back down again. I have also joined battrick because I do love the cricket, and can tell you it is much harder, more intense and more involved.

In the real World my beloved Falkirk FC look on course for the Scottish League’s new [and frankly] byzantine play-off system, which looks like it was invented by someone with too much time on their hands.


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