Untied thump Kangas but Cyntech not happy

Minerveca Avenue, Sunday – Lysdexic Untied manager Cyntech was unexpectedly livid after yesterdays league match at Minerveca Avenue, after Lysdexic put out a comprehensive and dominant display over title contenders Connors Kangas FC.

When asked for his thoughts on the match, Cyntech replied “Well, they phoned that one in, didn’t they.” referring to the second string lineup that Connors manager CraigFlynn had selected for the round 11 league match. “I mean, you expect a certain quality from a quality opponent, and we were looking forward to a tough, nail-biting fight with them and they didn’t show up.”

Lysdexic striker Robbie Slipper had a brace of goals by the half break and almost had his hattrick early in the second half. Dzulkarnain, Krajinčák and Radisavljević rounded out the scorers, with Untied bagging 5 for the match.

“We didn’t see the point in hammering this second string lineup, so after five goals, they just played with them a bit.”

Lysdexic Untied – 5 Connors Kangas FC – 0
Minerveca Avenue: 50,426
Midfield excellent (very high) poor (very low)
Right Defence excellent (high) wretched (very high)
Central Defence excellent (very high) poor (high)
Left Defence excellent (very low) poor (very high)
Right Attack inadequate (low) weak (low)
Central Attack formidable (high) weak (very low)
Left Attack formidable (very low) poor (high)
Indirect set pieces
Defence passable (high) weak (very low)
Attack passable (low) poor (very high)
Tactic Normal Play creatively
Tactic skill (no tactic)
Average midfield excellent (very high) poor (very low)
Average defence excellent (low) poor (low)
Average attack excellent (very low) weak (very low)
Total average excellent (high) poor (high)
HatStats 274 96
HatStats Defence: 92
Midfield: 96
Attack: 86
Defence: 31
Midfield: 27
Attack: 38
LoddarStats 24.64 4.09

About GM-Cyntech

30-something year old Hattrick tragic who's been playing this game since 2003. Has a real problem saying no to CHPP ideas and has recently become a GM... again...