Lysdexic Claim Title with Win Over Valiant Heros

Minerveca Avenue, Sunday – Lysdexic Untied have been crowned League Champions for Season 35 with an emphatic win over a valiant Hogans Heros side on Sunday.

The win puts Untied a solid nine points clear of second placed Connors Kangas FC, after Heroes relinquished the spot after the 6-0 loss at Minerveca Avenue.

“We’re very happy to have finally graduated.” Cyntech told reporters “When we started planning for this season, we wanted to make it pretty clear that it was time to move up and it’s a great feeling to have achieved that.”

The League Championship cup will be presented to the team after their match against Porirua this weekend, only then can the players and staff really celebrate.

Lysdexic Untied – 6 Hogans Heros – 0
Minerveca Avenue: 59,584
Midfield passable (low) weak (very high)
Right Defence excellent (high) inadequate (high)
Central Defence formidable (very low) solid (high)
Left Defence excellent (high) solid (high)
Right Attack excellent (very high) disastrous (very high)
Central Attack solid (low) wretched (low)
Left Attack solid (low) inadequate (very high)
HatStats 245 151
HatStats Defence: 95
Midfield: 66
Attack: 84
Defence: 73
Midfield: 48
Attack: 30
LoddarStats 18.65 8.78
Indirect set pieces
Defence passable (very low) inadequate (very low)
Attack passable (high) weak (low)
Tactic Normal Pressing
Tactic skill (no tactic) inadequate
Average midfield passable (low) weak (very high)
Average defence excellent (very high) passable (very high)
Average attack solid (very high) poor (low)
Total average solid (very high) inadequate (very low)

About GM-Cyntech

30-something year old Hattrick tragic who's been playing this game since 2003. Has a real problem saying no to CHPP ideas and has recently become a GM... again...