Season 36 Preview Part 1

Lysdexic HQ, Minerveca Avenue – Lysdexic Untied have received their official confirmation from Oceania Football officials of their placement in Oceania’s division four for the upcoming league season. Untied have been placed in division 4, series 47 (4260).

“We’re quietly confident that we’ll be comfortable in this league,” Manager Cyntech told reporters. “We’re just sitting down with our scouts this week and looking at the competition but from what we’ve seen from last weekend’s qualifiers, we’re pretty happy with the outcome and hope to do well.”

Lysdexic’s season will commence with the national cup with the opening round to be drawn later this week with the first league fixture to be held a week from Sunday, where they will play host to also newly promoted Melbourne Thunder.

About GM-Cyntech

30-something year old Hattrick tragic who's been playing this game since 2003. Has a real problem saying no to CHPP ideas and has recently become a GM... again...