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Hatstats Is Just Around The Corner…

It’s been a long road, but we are almost there. Yes, can you believe it? When I announced that I would once again take up the Hatstats name, I received a huge amount of support from people who used to enjoy their daily statistical fix from the Alltid website. Now, with the demise of Alltid, more people than ever are clamoring for the statistical information on their teams and players. Well, I hope Hatstats can be the solution for those people.

One thing we want to state clearly that Hatstats is not an Alltid equivalent. Hatstats will provide statistics on teams, series, matches and players, but not to the massive degree that Alltid did at it’s height. Hatstats may increase it’s coverage in the future, but we intend to start with what Hatstats was well known for previously.  We also do intend for Hatstats to be a global service, but as I have mentioned before, we’re starting off small and growing up from there. We’ll be starting with Oceania (naturally), and then adding England and Singapore.

Since my previous post another programmer, my brother-in-law, has joined the Hatstats team. Together, we hope to return Hatstats to it’s former glory – the premier Hattrick statistics website that embedded itself into Hattrick folklore and terminology.

As for where we’re up to, all the functional requirements for the service and the website that were scheduled for release have been completed. We’ve had a series of ‘beta’ testers going through the website looking for bugs and we’ve got a few to squash before we get the green light for release. Once that’s done and we’ve prepped our production space, we should be right to go. At this stage, the Oceania release could be as soon as three weeks away, so we’re all getting very excited (Oceanians are definitely getting excited).




Hatstats Update: Multi-Country

The progress I’m making on Hatstats over the last week or so has been a bit slower than I’d hoped, but still going well.  I’m currently ironing out the efficiency of the service, making sure it’s extracting the information from Hattrick in a timely fashion, especially when it needs to do multiple countries in one weekend.

The service is currently scanning season 33 from Oceania (it’s up to series VI.9) and I’m happy to say I’ve got it working as well as I’d hoped single-threaded (one process, starting from the top of the country and working it’s way down through each series).  I may look into multi-threaded, but I’ll leave that as a new version of the service after release.

Whilst I’m working on the front facing website, I’ll look at implementing more than one country. That said, I’ll still be releasing Oceania only first, but another country will not be long after that. Which country it is, I won’t say, just yet – I can’t give all the good stuff away in one go now, can I?


The Return of Hatstats

Hatstats… It’s a term that nearly every Hattrick manager knows. It’s the bread and butter of match analysis and a it’s infiltrated nearly every single other statistical CHPP application to date. Hatstats is the Grandfather of Hattrick statistics.

Update: I’ve got the domain all set up and ready. I even got a spiffy logo! http://hatstats.net

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