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Season 36 Preview Part 1

Lysdexic HQ, Minerveca Avenue – Lysdexic Untied have received their official confirmation from Oceania Football officials of their placement in Oceania’s division four for the upcoming league season. Untied have been placed in division 4, series 47 (4260).

“We’re quietly confident that we’ll be comfortable in this league,” Manager Cyntech told reporters. “We’re just sitting down with our scouts this week and looking at the competition but from what we’ve seen from last weekend’s qualifiers, we’re pretty happy with the outcome and hope to do well.”

Lysdexic’s season will commence with the national cup with the opening round to be drawn later this week with the first league fixture to be held a week from Sunday, where they will play host to also newly promoted Melbourne Thunder.


Lysdexic Claim Title with Win Over Valiant Heros

Minerveca Avenue, Sunday – Lysdexic Untied have been crowned League Champions for Season 35 with an emphatic win over a valiant Hogans Heros side on Sunday.

The win puts Untied a solid nine points clear of second placed Connors Kangas FC, after Heroes relinquished the spot after the 6-0 loss at Minerveca Avenue.

“We’re very happy to have finally graduated.” Cyntech told reporters “When we started planning for this season, we wanted to make it pretty clear that it was time to move up and it’s a great feeling to have achieved that.”

The League Championship cup will be presented to the team after their match against Porirua this weekend, only then can the players and staff really celebrate.

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Minerveca Avenue Unveiled

Lysdexic Untied’s brand new stadium was officially opened today. The new stadium, named Minerveca Avenue, has a maximum capacity of 60,000 people and club management hopes it will see the club through to division four and beyond.

Minerveca Avenue, Lysdexic Untied's new stadium

Minerveca Avenue, Lysdexic Untied's new stadium

“It’s an absolute honour to open our new stadium and to honour one of football’s greatest ambassadors.” Manager Cyntech told a press gathering and crowd at the opening, “Minerveca’s efforts were unyielding and inspiring and we could not think of a better person to enshrine in our new stadium.” The new stadium features a full 2000 seat section for the club’s official fan club, the ‘Untied Fatanics’ and fantastic lighting system for night games.

In addition to the new stadium was a secondary ground for Lysdexic’s Youth Academy, named Ann Field. This ground will host Untied’s Academy matches and features state of the art training facilities for the senior club also, including spa’s, saunas, a fully equipped gym and a 25m lap pool.

The new stadium’s first match will be hosting the round 8 Oceania league clash against Bracksies on Christmas Day.


Mid Season Team Review

This season’s cup run has been Lysdexic’s best run to date. Making it to round 6 was an awesome effort by the team and having four home games meant that some money could be spent on vital changes in preparation for promotion at the conclusion of the season.

In the league, everything is going to plan so far, including a dominant away win over my nearest rival, Connors Kangas FC. Lysdexic sit in first place, a game clear of Connors, while the rest battle it out for the minor places.  The second half of the season should be routine with the return fixture vs Connors in round 11 the only major match for Untied.

Player wise, the team is shaping up very well in preparation for division four. The main trainee group is progressing well after a season of passing training and now back onto scoring training, with the newer trainees doing well also.

Thanks to the abundance of home cup games this season, we have been able to organise a newer, larger stadium for the club. The added income from the home games, once completed and prior to promotion, will assist the changes needing to be made once the team promotes into division four.


Lysdexic Smoke Stoners!

Speeling Stadium, Wednesday – Lysdexic Untied have caused the upset of the season by taking down Stoners United in this week’s fourth round Oceania National Cup match. The much more fancied Stoners United, who are the number one team in Oceania’s fourth division presently, were huge favourites coming into the game and Lysdexic Manager Cyntech was uncharacteristically pessimistic about the match. “We’re going to go try our best. We’re hopelessly outclassed but we try every match regardless”.

Untied striker Geri Zuber put Lysdexic on the scoreboard in the tenth minute after he chipped the Stoners keeper. Lysdexic doubled their lead in the 20th minute when Zuber struck again. Stoners got one back after a superb free kick striker by Stoners wingback Miguel Maynard but Zuber was just untouchable getting his hattrick in the 35th minute and the writing was on the wall for the fourth division club.

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New Home for Lysdexic Untied

Lysdexic Untied HQ, Tuesday – Lysdexic Untied management have signed a new contract with a stadium construction company Webuildem Pty Ltd for the construction of a new football stadium. The new stadium will have a 58,000 capacity and should be ready by Christmas Day, later next month, club management said yesterday.

“Speeling Stadium has been a good home, but the club feels that it’s time to start afresh as we plan for bigger and better things for the club.” Club Manager Cyntech told reporters “It’s actually really exciting, the new plans look really good and it should be a great stadium for the team. Being able to fit that many people will be an awesome atmosphere to play for as well”.

Construction on new Lysdexic Stadium

Construction on new Lysdexic Stadium

Speeling Stadium has been Lysdexic’s home for six seasons, since their inception, but has been in questionable condition of late. Rumours had started surfacing of pests being a problem in the basement levels as well as the stadium airconditioning debacle last summer has lead to supporters and club officials alike demanding something be done about it’s condition. The resulting decision, announced after last night’s board meeting, is a surprise given the issues, where renovation would have seen to be enough, the board has decided to just start afresh.

When asked what the new stadium will be called, Cyntech replied “Ah, that’s a surprise. There will be a naming ceremony on 21 December.”