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It’s all about locals

Following 2 wins in the league Dynamo Gurkan is now holding the 3rd place with only three points up to the leaders. If the promotion goes their way this season they have only local talent to thank for the success. No players have transferred to or from the club since it’s foundation, and now one more super talent has joined the squad.

Dynamo Gurkan is continuing to follow their concept with no transfers and constant search after talent within the club’s own youth section. The latest addition is one of the most promising so far. The player in question is Árni Gregersen who is the second player of the “Golden bunch” to join the senior team. He is by far the player of the bunch who have the biggest expectations on him since he showed an outstanding potential at a very young age. In the upcoming league game on sunday we will have the chance to see what he can accomplish on the field with the big guys. There are some worries that he will be a bit too ruthless on the field though since he is a very temperamental player who easily can be booked because of nasty challenges and just as nasty comments.

While the spotlights are mostly focusing on Gregersen there is also one more player of the golden bunch who is making a name for himself. Rúni Petersen has been an important component on the midfield and one of the most important players of the team ever since he got promoted from the youth squad. He has scored 4 goals on his own and is also a big reason to why Jógvan Limberg is the top scorer with 9 goals so far. Rúni is always there to assist his team mates and also finishes off the attacks himself when needed. He has proved to be a very versatile player who gives the team a lot of fighting spirit. The last player of the golden bunch, Jógvan Kallsberg will soon be able to join the senior squad. He has improved even more in his wing back position and it’s now clear that it’s where he belongs. He’s simply too good on that position to place somewhere else. He will be a worthwhile addition who will give a lot to both the defence and offence. He is a very stable defender but also clever in the build-up play. Even though all three players have been able to play well separately they will most likely flourish even more when they’re all together. You can have one without the other, but with all on the same place the opponent will be easier to bother!


This is Dynamo!

Faroe Islands

On a peaceful group of islands where the waves hits the rocky beach and the wind breeze gently licks the sturdy mountains, there is a home of something not as peaceful. Well, not as peaceful as a cold breeze at least! The home in question belongs to a fairly new football club that put its trust in local talents instead of spending their money on foreign stars. “The most important thing when coming to another country is to show that you see potential in the locals and know that they can reach as high as anyone else, it’s up to you if you want to let them show it. And I know I want to!”, says the swedish Manager Kludden who is the only foreign profile of the club.


The Junior team is the engine

After 4 years as a manager of the swedish club Rising Vikings (formerly known as Blankaholms Bolltrollare) it was time for Kludden to take the next step in his career and expand his empire. Most of Kludden’s followers thought that the faroese club that he was asked to manage would look very much like his other club after he had been with the club long enough to leave his personal imprint on it. The same way of building a team and manage it, but things didn’t quite turn out that way. Instead he wrote down a plan about a homegrown team with the junior team as the engine that makes the senior squad circulate in a healthy way and get the fuel they need to reach as high as the mountains piling up in the horizon.

Patience is required

The club was founded in May 2013 and have been a mid-table team ever since despite having good finances with lots of room for investments. “The top spot is waiting for us once we are able to promote our greatest youth players and hopefully also train them to superstars”, says Kludden in an atempt to defend his strategy and erase the feeling of doubt among the fans. He proceeds: “One or two seasons are not enough to get remarkable results when you choose to build a team the way we do it. The requirements are a patient staff and fans that manage to keep the team in their hearts despite not getting instant results. I feel that we have both”.

The Golden Bunch

What potential superstars are there in the club so far then? Are they even worth mentioning or is the true gold still left to be found? Actually there are a good bunch of decent players in the youth academy, three who even may be interesting for the faroese U20 team once they have grown up to become men and have traded the dirt fields for arenas. These three talented players are all in different stages of their career despite all being in the same junior squad. Jógvan Kallsberg is the youngest of them and still has a lot to show the youth coach even though he already has shown a lot in only one month with the club. The youth coach Ruben Danielsen can barely describe Jógvan with words due to the euphoric state he’s in, but he gives it a try.

He has mostly played as a wing back and done it well but we can’t help but think that he might be even better somewhere else on the pitch. We are completely stunned by how mature he is in his defending role and hope to see a similar style of playing as we move him around on different positions.

Next up on Danielsen’s list of joy is the middle kid Árni Gregersen. Despite being a young 16-year old he is by far the youth player who has proved the most on the field. He can still develope more in the youth academy but he’s not far from the maximum potential for his age. If you thought youth coach Ruben Danielsen was overenthusiastic before you should listen to what he has to say about Árni.

Splendid player! This is one of those kids you read about in history books and imagine you will never find in your own team. Guess what? Wake up, the dream is real this time! He’s one of those wing players who never loses his steam and don’t loses sight of an opponent who steals the ball until he has got it back. Fighting spirit is his middle name and his crosses never miss their target. His feet and mind must have been blessed by god.

After that rant we will take a look at the third player who is also the oldest. The thing is that he actully just turned 17 years old which is the age required to play in the senior leauge system. Unfortunately  this young lad named Rúni Petersen got injured in his last game, only three days before his birthday. Talking about bad luck! We asked the youth coach what happened and also what his overall impression of Rúni is.

He is a great midfielder and it hurts everytime I think about the injury he caught in the latest game. What happened was that he mistimed a tackle pretty badly and bruised his shin. The preliminary reports says that he will be gone for two more weeks but we all hope that he will get well sooner than that. Afterall a great football career is waiting for him in the other end of the tunnel. I’m sure that he will be one of the most important components on the Dynamo midfield the following years.

Golden Bunch: Kallsberg, Gregersen, Petersen

Golden Bunch: Kallsberg, Gregersen, Petersen


That was all about “The Golden Bunch” we have so far, we all look forward to see what they have to offer in the future.


The Condor’s nest

One of the most important keys to success when it comes to both big and small clubs is training. Well thought-out training can lead to total domination and instant promotion while a bad training schedule may lead right down to the dark depths of the lowest of league divisions. Therefor we asked Kludden what the club’s training plans are, especially considering they won’t buy any players in the near future. This is the answer we got:

Aleksa "Condor" Šarac

Aleksa “Condor” Šarac

I agree with you completely! Training is the difference between life and death, it sounds harsh but it’s true. Many clubs create an extremely complicated training schedule but this was note really the case for us. Since we follow a “home-grown concept” the most natural step for us to take first is to train two goalkeepers who will become good enough to do the keeper duties for years to come. The training hasn’t been going on for that long but we already have a keeper who is really good in relation to the league level we play at. He was the first and only player we pulled from the scouting network before we founded our youth team. He was considered useless by pretty much everyone when we welcomed him to our club, but now he has become a great goalie and a fan favorite on top of that. He goes under the nickname “Condor” and the goal currently guarded by Dynamo is considered “The Condor’s nest”. We will keep training Condor, or Aleksa Šarac as his real name is. When our next generation of superstars arrives from the junior team we will change our training and shape it after their needs. Simple as that!


After those great stories, we leave you for now. Dynamo Gurkan will definitely be  a club to keep your eyes on in the future! Will Kludden be able to show that the Faroe Islands is a place of opportunities? Or will his ambitious plans crash in the sea and never be seen again? Future will show and we will be there to keep you updated. Make sure you take a look at the next article we publish!