It’s all about locals

Following 2 wins in the league Dynamo Gurkan is now holding the 3rd place with only three points up to the leaders. If the promotion goes their way this season they have only local talent to thank for the success. No players have transferred to or from the club since it’s foundation, and now one more super talent has joined the squad.

Dynamo Gurkan is continuing to follow their concept with no transfers and constant search after talent within the club’s own youth section. The latest addition is one of the most promising so far. The player in question is Árni Gregersen who is the second player of the “Golden bunch” to join the senior team. He is by far the player of the bunch who have the biggest expectations on him since he showed an outstanding potential at a very young age. In the upcoming league game on sunday we will have the chance to see what he can accomplish on the field with the big guys. There are some worries that he will be a bit too ruthless on the field though since he is a very temperamental player who easily can be booked because of nasty challenges and just as nasty comments.

While the spotlights are mostly focusing on Gregersen there is also one more player of the golden bunch who is making a name for himself. Rúni Petersen has been an important component on the midfield and one of the most important players of the team ever since he got promoted from the youth squad. He has scored 4 goals on his own and is also a big reason to why Jógvan Limberg is the top scorer with 9 goals so far. Rúni is always there to assist his team mates and also finishes off the attacks himself when needed. He has proved to be a very versatile player who gives the team a lot of fighting spirit. The last player of the golden bunch, Jógvan Kallsberg will soon be able to join the senior squad. He has improved even more in his wing back position and it’s now clear that it’s where he belongs. He’s simply too good on that position to place somewhere else. He will be a worthwhile addition who will give a lot to both the defence and offence. He is a very stable defender but also clever in the build-up play. Even though all three players have been able to play well separately they will most likely flourish even more when they’re all together. You can have one without the other, but with all on the same place the opponent will be easier to bother!

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Hello! I'm a young lad from Sweden who've had a burning passion for Hattrick ever since I started out in 2009. I look forward to spend even more time on HT and of course Hattrick United as well :)