Welcome to the website of the Hattrick-team Egri Csillagok FC (Stars of Eger). The team was founded in the summer of 2009 and started its career in the Hungarian league VII.966. The team belongs to the north-eastern region of Hungary, representing the city of Eger.

The historic city centre of Eger

In the first two years the team was qualificated into several VI. leagues and relegated from these – depending on the free time of the manager. During its history the team won different championships seven times.

Today (in 2019) Egri Csillagok FC fights in the V. league of Hungary.
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The youth team of the club is Eger Sparks. The Sparks is aimed to be in the top four in any league played.

About the manager: I am a state official in my fifties. It is my second coming to Hattrick, my first team was West Borsod Albion (disappeared somewhere in the matrix). It lasted about half a year, I left the game because of the short of my free time. It was in ~2002, in the good old days. In 2009 I came back to the Hattrick, this website is all about this. Seriously, my team, called Egri Csillagok FC is ten years old in 2019! Applause!


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Ötvenes hivatalnok / State official, in his fifties