The team Egri Csillagok FC (Stars of Eger) was founded in the summer of 2009. It was the first and ever name of the team, which started its career in the Hungarian league VII.966.
The team belongs to the north-eastern region of Hungary, representing the city of Eger (DE, PT).

This team name originally comes from the usual names of sport clubs but there is a famous Hungarian historical novel with this same title: Stars of Eger. The English title of this novel is Eclipse Of The Crescent Moon (have a look on it). The story of the novel taking place in Eger, it is about the 1552 siege of Eger by the Turks. This work is one of the most popular novels in Hungary.
Respecting the author of the novel, Géza Gárdonyi, the team’s arena is called Gárdonyi Park.

The historic centre of Eger

In the first two years the team was qualificated into several leagues and relegated from these – depending on the free time of the manager. During its history the team won the actual league three times.

A short overview of team’s positions from the beginning: season: VII.966 3rd place season: VII.966 1st place, qualificated into VI.494 season: VI.494 7th place, relegated into VII. 137 season: VII.137 1st place, qualificated into VI.80 season: VI.80 6th place season: VI.80 8th place, relegated into VII.75 season: VII.75 1st place, qualificated into VI.703 season: VI.703 4th place
32.nd season: VI.703 5th place season: VI.703 4th place season: …

Today (midst of 2012) Egri Csillagok FC fights in the league of Hungary. The team (hopefully, factually) is not able to relegate into lower league, but the current situation does not allow to qualify into one of a higher league. The team favour the attacking kind of football – but sometimes it is not succeed. The manager doing his best, and we’ll see what to come.

The youth team of the club is Eger Sparks. The Szikra is aimed to be in the top four in any league played.

About the manager: I am a state official in my fifties. It is my second coming to Hattrick, my first team was West Borsod Albion (disappeared somewhere in the matrix). It lasted about half a year, I left the game because of the short of my free time. It was in ~2002, in the good old days. In 2009 I came back to the Hattrick, this page is all about this.

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