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Week 9, The Fourth of Four Relegation 6 Pointers in a Row.

After Kennet Gothenburg slipped home a dubious penalty in the 6th minute, few would have thought that would be the only goal scored in the game. However, after another 84 minutes of missed chances by both sides, the game ended:

F.C. Carmel – U de Chiclay 1-0

This completed a double over U de Chiclayo for F.C. Carmel Guardians, both improving their chances of survival and damning Chiclayo to either a relagation scrap or auto demotion.

“I like our chances going into the next game,” The manager/owner began.

“It will be a grudge match. They’ve beaten us at home, something we don’t allow to pass lightly this time of the season. Usually we need the first half of the season to pick up steam, then we tend to dominate at home. I expect we will play a couple teams a whole lot tougher than we did the first time we played them.”

The Guardians are also boosted by the new $1.75 million recruit Cay Bahrgehr.

The owner likes what he sees.

“Cay is probably the second or third best playmaker in our squad now, but we loved how quick is he, as well as his marginal talent at both winger, passing and scoring. We will end up playing him as a winger, and his ability to change speeds is going to come in handy on sunday.”

The Guardians will travel to visit the Wanderers in a grudge match dating back to their defeat and home in week 7.

Desert Wanderers – F.C. Carmel Guardi


Week 7 in Season 48, a ‘far cry’ from last year.

“It was a pleasure to secure the double and promotion for the fans last years,” the manager began his press conference today, “but it is a far cry from where we are now.”

The Guardians lost a relegation 6 pointer last week against the Desert Wanderers, in a game where they were heavy favorites.

“We couldn’t finish the ball. We had the chances, but we couldn’t finish. It was very frustrating.”

The Guardians have responded to the loss by changing around personnel, adding a winger from their former rival The Bathroom Rolls, who used to be known as The Children of Zion in their V.181 days.

The Guardians play another relegation 6 pointer this weekend on the road against U de Chiclayo.,376311586,376311587,376311584&SourceSystem=Hattrick


Week 9, F.C.C.G. make it three in a row!

F.C. Carmel Guardians now have a 3 game winning streak in series V.181 play after beating Savages FC 5-2 at The Fortress. The result leaves the Guardians with a 6 point lead in first place.

53,846 fans showed up to watch the Guardians dispatch their closest rival in the title challenge. Who else but Kennet Gothenborg scored a brace for the home team. Raising his lead for the Golden Boot to 4 goals, a grand total of 12 for the season.

The manager revealed he gave his record signing a goal before the season, and also confirmed some critics views that it is possible he over paid for the player.

“When you drop $4mill on a player, people will take notice. Did we over pay? Maybe, but we overpaid for the right player. The missing piece was a technical defensive forward, and we got him.

“I told Kennet I expected 15 goals from him this season. He has scored 14 in all competitions, 12 in the league. I think there is a fair chance with five games left he will blow that apart.”

A Guardians player has never won the top scorer’s trophy at any level of competition.

The most goals scored for the club in one season in series V.181 previous to this season was 9 goals, done twice by Roee Yokked. The record for most goals scored in a season for the Guardians used to be 10 goals, tied for this mark are Cedric Sage, and Jack Mcpherson.

Gothenborg in one season has raised himself to 7th all time on the top scored list for Carmel.

Next Sunday, the Guardians play Boston Blue Devils, Boston Blue  – F.C. Carmel. The Guardians will try to make it 4 wins in a row against a rigid Devils defense.


Week 8: Christmas at the Fortress, have the champions been decided?

F.C. Carmel Guardians took a huge step towards winning their first series V.181 title thanks to a famous 5-1 win on Christmas at The Fortress.

Kennet Gothenborg and Zachary Benson both scored braces to power the Guardians through series V.181’s toughest defense. Gothenborg now stands as the leading scorer for the series on 10 goals. Before playing the Guardians, FC DAwgs had only given up 2 goals. In two matches, at home and away, they gave up 8. Results of those two matches have dropped the defending champions from 1st place, to 3rd, now 5 points off the lead.

The win was also the manager’s 50th in series V.181. On the statistic, the manager had this to say:

“I’m very happy to have reached 50 wins in series V.181. I think a fair criticism you could make is that we’ve spent too much time in this series and haven’t promoted yet.

“However, consider our budget, which is always in the bottom 4 of the series. Consider the fact we have never finished lower than 3rd in our series, even the year when we first promoted, and were completely unprepared to compete at the next level. Consider the fact that until this season, we have been on the ‘assembly line model’ to build a team, selling our best players almost every year.

“To maintain the amount of consistency to even survive our very competitive series V.181, let alone attain 50 wins, is something I cherish and I feel I can be very proud of.”

The Guardians must have been nice this year, because they received a gift from Suffolk Grangers. Grangers beat Savages FC, the Guardians closest competitor, 2-1 away from home. The result drops Savages back 3 points off the lead, and leaves them in danger of dropping out of the title race next week when they play F.C. Carmel Guardians at the Fortress. To wrap up the title, Carmel needs 15 points from the next 6 games to seal their first series V.181 title.


Week 7, Redemption at John Deere Field

After suffering their first loss in a series game last week to Savages FC, the Guardians rebounded to take back first place on the road at FC DAwgs’ John Deere Field 3-1. Kennet Gothenborg  had a brace in the game, keeping him tied with Damián Ortega at 8 goals, in what is turning into a thrilling race for top scorer in series V.181.

The manager was available for comment after the game. When asked about  week 6’s result, he stated:

“Last week was very disappointing. We could have tied the game late, but didn’t. Also, in a way, I believe we under estimated how tough our opponents would be. I do not think this will happen in week 9.”

The manager had a smile on though, talking about week 7’s result as well as the future of the series.

“DAwgs always seems to have our number every year. Their field is a difficult place to visit, and to my knowledge, we have never beaten them on it. I think that is a sign of a change in power, but only an omen. We need to turn the omen into reality by doubling them, by beating them in our Fortress. Should we fail to do so, I think we don’t deserve the title this year.”

He went on to say:

” Traditionally, we are a stronger second half time than a first half team. We have to hold true to form if we are to take the title. Of our last seven games, we have four of them at home. The odds are stacked in our favor, now we have to play those odds as best as we can.”

F.C. Carmel Guardians plays FC DAwgs at home at 1.00 HT 12/26/11. F.C. Carmel Guardi – FC DAwgs.


Week 5, Blue Devils Exorcised, an Unbeaten Season?

After F.C. Carmel Guardian’s 5-0 win over the Boston Blue Devils, the press were clamoring with questions for the manager.

“Will you win the league!?!”

“Savages lost to DAwgs today, your the only unbeaten team left! Will you stay that way!?!”

“Is your team ready for tier IV?!?”

The manager refrained from taking the bait, instead, as usual, only releasing one statement:

“Before this season, I thought with the changes in loyalty, homegrown bonus, and how it affected both us and the other teams meant we could, at this point, be anywhere from 6th- 1st. Just look at Angry Dragons, who placed 2nd in the league last season. This season, they are rock bottom on zero points, and despite quite the attack at times, have only scored two goals.

“As for an unbeaten season, there are still 9 weeks remaining in the season, and four games in a row against both DAwgs and Savages away first, then home. I will admit, if we come out of the next 4 games unbeaten, it would take a HTRF grenade like the one we almost got against Blue Moon earlier this year to stop us (Blue Moon SC – F.C. Carmel Guardi).”

Next week, Carmel play Savages FC, the current third place team after ending their unbeaten run against FC DAwgs. DAwgs, play 4th place Chicago Scotts, a talented team, but lacking in midfield. Blue Moon SC play Suffolk Grangers in a classic series V.181 match, and another relagation 6 pointer, while Anrgy Dragons look to try and earn their first points this season on the road against the Boston Blue Devils.


Week 4, Dragons Slain

F.C. Carmel Guardians have now won two competitive games in a row after having beaten Angry Dragons 5-1 away. The result places the Guardians in first and above the auto-promotion line for the first time this season.

It also, however, puts Dragons at the bottom of series V.181. Dragons play fellow cellar dwellers Blue Moon SC in a real relegation 6 pointer. While F.C. Carmel Guardians plays the Boston Blue Devils at home in The Fortress.


Week 3, F.C. Carmel Guardians to the Top

The Guardians beat the Scotts 5-2 on Sunday night, in a game where Heriberto Fernández scored his first two goals in an official competitive match. Alejandro Rul also sustained an injury, but the manager is confident he will be availible against Angry Dragons next week.  But that was not the surprise of the week.

FC DAwgs may have stumbled in their title hopes by tying Boston Blue Devils 1-1. Until now the Blue Devils could be listed as favorites to be up for relagation, but a gritting performance capped by a Sergio Pepè header, after having gone down to a Edward McAllister penalty, lifted the Devils into 6th.

Savages FC beat Blue Moon SC 3-0, and reside in 2nd place on goal difference. The game was a hottely contested affair, with 3 players either having to be substitued or picking up knocks.

Suffolk Grangers beat Anrgy Dragons, who continue to slide surprisingly, after having demoted to servies V.181 and finished in 2nd last season. Jorge Teles scored in the 42′ minuted for Grangers, who looked likely to take that lead into halftime. Yet, not a minute later, Horace Knight equalized for Dragons in the 43′. That dealock was not broken until the 71′, when Suffolk’s Lorenz Füglistaller knocked home what would prove to be the game winning goal. The result might start alarm bells for the Dragons, who host the league leading Guardians next week. The Guardians have scored a series high 13 goals this season, and look to be in good form leading into next sunday’s clash.


New Season, Same Series…and Yet…

This season “sweethearts” and the loyalty bonus have been implemented. Some of the giants amoung men in the series have gotten even stronger, such as Lee Trammel of Blue Moon SC.

This seasom promises to be the most competitive yet in F.C. Carmel Guardian’s short history. New comers such as Savages FC, Chicago Scotts and the Boston Blue Devils have shown to be looking to rise in the series to at least 6th place and higher, while Suffolk Grangers and Blue Moon SC have had slow starts. The results might mean that a classic staple team of series V.181  may be relegated for the first time since Borussia MG. Angry Dragons, auto-relagated at the end of season 45, also looks like a possible relegation threat, with an ageing, expensive lineup and almost no homegrown players to speak of.

The title on the other had is a four way race amoungst unbeatens. F.C. Dawgs, F.C. Carmel Guardians, Chicago Scotts, and Savages are all unbeaten moving into week three. The Guardians look to dig in at home against the Scotts, and take a stronger grip on 2nd or 3rd place.


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