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Shooting range or not?

Well, we are ready for the last game of the season which will hopefully increase our confidence before our IV. division debut. We have got two matches to go till our league campaign starts and we should win both of them easily. But what makes our next opponent dangerous is our head to head history. They lead 2-1 although they were always outsiders expected to leave the stadium in tears.

However they look significantly weakened after the departure of Paolo “Goldenboy” Baggio and although they have purchased three new players since Baggio left, they still don’t look as strong as they were last season. The only thing we know is that their tactics is to make sure that we underestimate them. How on earth would they show their lineup day before kick off?

Coach Alfonso Revull said:

It is really weird, what they have been doing. Their manager said that we are going to play 330 hatstats and that is obviously not true. With almost none Team Spirit and with some training duties, we will be happy if we manage 280 hatstats. The truth is that the cabin is all over me and noone listens to me. I will be happy if we play atleast half as good as we did in final league round.

Even manager noticed small revolution in the team and when young Leoš brought a bottle of alcohol to the training, coach Alfonso Revull was upseted  so much that his leadership declined. It was clear that Leoš wanted to celebrate his birthday, which he couldn’t celebrate earlier because of the ongoing season, team promotion and his improvement as a player. Manager found that reasons sufficient enough to permit celebration and he joined it too. As I said, the only result was that coach’s leadership declined from passable to inadequate. :(

The fact of the thay is that MS Odense will be the first team to play a player with titanic mainskill trained only in Kamenice. We hope that Leoš Chlebek will do some damage to them although he will play at unfamiliar wing back position.

Noone knows if the match will be a sooting range or not. It all depends on how FCOB Kamenice players will be concentrated on the performance. But the situation in the cabin is very bad and I feel that we might not be strong enough to beat MS Odense. The match starts at 2 p.m. Feel free to watch!


Otmar Barek, the story so far:

It is just a couple of days ago when FCOB Kamenice confirmed signing of a new player but the buzz around him increased to truly unbelievable dimensions. The former Kamenice Lamers youth player left club aged only 17 years old in order to develop into one of the finest midfielders in the country.

His carrer didn’t have the fairy tale start when he psychologicaly suffered because he was dismissed by his first scout despite clear talent. But an hour later, he joined FCOB Kamenice youth academy. That proved to be a massive step forward for the young player.

He developed nicely and when he got promoted to the first team squad, it was clear he has got bags of potential and chance to play in Czech U20 team. He was then transfered to Opava Boys who offered him excellent coach and paid an astronomic amount of money. He has become the most expensive player ever to be sold by FCOB Kamenice and money recieved proved indispensable for our club. We were then able to purchase two top class midfielders and thanks to them we managed to gain promotion to the fifth division.

However success of FCOB Kamenice wasn’t the most important thing to Otmar and under his new coach and manager he continued to improve. The first huge milestone came when he was aged just 18 years and 87 days. He made his debut for U20 national team in a friendly match against Costa Rica. His competitive debut  came season later when he was given a place in starting lineup in the last match of successful World Cup Qualification. He played an integral part in the 6:0 win and helped Czech U20 team finish season on a high note.

The decisive year came and with passable leadership, he was granted a role of U20 team captain. Because of that he didn’t missed a single friendly until the world cup began. Although he has played 9 games for U20 NT to the date, he was still yet to score. On the other hand, he knew when it is the right time to score and he has showed it in the first round of the World Cup.

Czech U20 team won the opening game 1:0 thanks to the header of Otmar Barek. His first international goal was a result of perfect corner fo his teammate and saved all three points for the Czech side. The scenario was repeated once again and Otmar scored another goal in another 1:0 win this time against Uruguay to send Czech U20 team to the second round.

However the second round wasn’t as good as the first one and Czech U20 national team was very unfortunately eliminated. They were level on points and level on score with U20 Switzerland but despite better match between they went out thanks to worse results in the first round of WC. Otmar Barek’s final appearance for U20 NT came in 4:2 win over Switzerland in a game where we needed to win by 3 goals to advance.

His national carrer was over and he can be proud of 18 U20 caps and two important goals to his name. He is expected to end his career in Kamenice where he can expect number of challenges. The first one will be to avoid relegation from fourth division next season. He will always ahve special place in FCOB Kamenice dressing room and will be treated like true Kamenice Hero.


Pre-Season Changes

The new season is just about to start and I decided to do some changes in the team. I saved lot of money in the past seasons and I decided to spend some.

We made huge progress in past season and from the average team in the sixth division we became in relatively short time promotion chasers in 5th division. Therefore expected increase of fan base took place and in last two or three home matches our arena was sold out. Management decided to pen a contract with building company about rebuilding our arena. When all works will be done, its capacity will increased by 16 000 places up to 56 000. That should be enough for many seasons to come.

I also bought first player in three seasons. I decided to do so because I want to keep my homegrown strategy but simultaneously to keep my team competitive in fourth division. And because I missed one winger to fullfit last training slot I was forced to buy him. He is type which has been missing in the team since the start. Coach Johannes Fehrmann said about him:

He is not yet ready to feature in league games but should be very early. He only needs to improve his winger skills little bit. He is quick, young with good playmaker and his favourite position is central midfielder. But I decided to make him winger because of his speciality.

The last two changes will be made tomorrow when Johannes Fehrmann will be sacked and also Youth team will change league to synchronize with HTU young leagues and be ready to play in the season after the next one. I also think that I hire fantastic player to my youth academy but I need to discover all his skills to be sure that he could be next Kamenice’s star. It would be very busy week for the academy because they are expected to play three matches in a week.



The result tells you everything, this is the biggest loss of the season. Players probably thought more on upcoming holidays than on the match. After five straight league victories all with clean sheet, we lost last three consecutive matches without scoring a goal and with score 0:12. This si very poor end of the season.

MS Odense showed great team play when all their six goals were scored by different players and everybody from Paolo Baggio to their front striker Jelko Idinhar gave their best. I am very disappointed that we didn’t score single goal althought we won couple of regular chances and quick special event. Their defence with fantastic goalkeeper worked really well.

Club legend and capitan Libor Hajn said

The result is such a shame, we were never really in the game. We were outplayed, outmuscled, outclassed. It was very harsh lesson to our young players and we need to pick ourself up. Next match we play very easy opponent in domestic cup and I hope that this is the real opportunity to improve our low confidence.

You can feel that yesterday was very difficult day, not even for the players, but also for the coach. He was completely wordless in his postmatch press conference:

ehm, what can I say? I don’t know… This is a disaster, we did not even fight for a minor succes. I think that there is only one way back from this performance. And that is my resignation. I hope that team will do well in the upcoming seasons but I feel that I have no more to give to the team. I am really disappointed to leave after such a poor match.

Yes, it was disaster. And it looks like that it hurts the manager too. Especially when Arsenal lost the same day 4:0 to AC Milan. The score of the day was 0:10 for me. That tells you all…

I wish all best to MS Odense next season and all worst to Paolo Baggio on Friday 😛 although I believe he will develop into great keeper, but I will not keep my fingers crossed to him tomorrow…


Going for Revenge

Two days left to the replay of the most talked friendly in GL history. This match was arranged long time ago just because I wanted to field my best against much-improved opponent who beat me on my GL debut. I feel that they have made big step towards and would provide huge test to my strongest possible team. But last season brought to FCOB Kamenice very big suprise and all changed. I was rewarded for my lack of time to look after my team by playing qualification for promotion. Although I was almost sure that I would lose I tried to pick the line up which had got the biggest chance to win. However this did not happen and I am staying in my league for one more season.

 But best team have played this week and because I have an extraordinary chance to let to play my youngsters once more, they will play. They will have a break in playing in next few weeks because I hope I will advance in domestic cup to atleast 5th round so I must give tham a chance now. That means that you will see my youngsters in action once more in probably highly entertaining game. However they will need to deal with murderours team spirit so it will not be easy for them.

MS Odense has got one big starlet in their team and Paolo Baggio proved it by recieving his first international call up last friday and I firmly believe that he will get a chance to play against Czech boys next Friday. They will hopefully teach him a lesson :D. Two seasons ago, I moved my team to different policy and I promised myself that I will buy just when I will hugely need. That means I have started to built my team around my homegrown players and you will be able to see another big star in making.

I would like to introduce Leoš Chlebek, unpredictable young winger with great potential and talent. He will start his first team duty next week and he will be hopefully in matter of weeks able to  replace Libor Hajn, club legend on the wing. This exciting youngster will be one of the nine! homegrown players starting on Wednesday. The only one foreign player will be goalie Mert Durguner. Finally the best player on the field will be undoubtebly Petr Špírek.

This match will also be the last one for our coach Johannes Fehrmann. This outstanding trainer helped to win  the only three titles in Kamenice’s history and is likely to end in hall of fame. There have already leaked some gossips about who will be his succedor. Although in local newspaper were mentoied names like Fabio Cappelo or Mick McCarthy, the biggest favourite on FCOB Kamenice manager is 37 years old Alfonso Revull. But noone knows, the race for 5th Kamenice coach is still open.

Let’s see how will this match finish. I bet on 4-1 win for MS Odense, but we will not give tham nothing easily. You will see two great starts in making and I really hope that my youngsters will provide them big test.