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What an end of the league!! Kamenice managed their role to beat Stenly and Panda lost to Semeno!!! Can’t see match report but I am too happy!!! What a first season in 5th division after poor start and beeing 7th with one point after three rounds, Kamenice went for the title!!! Celebration will be supreme, although we will play qualification, which we will probably lost. This doesn’t matter to much. And sorry to MS Odense, because I will play qualification, I will not field the best possible team, but still I am sure I can beat you! 😀

And arsenal leads 3-1 in HT to Blackburn two goals RvP, one AOC. What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!


Christmas Encounter in Sight

It is more than month since I stop writing but now, with christmas holidays ahead I finally found a free time which I decided to devote to blogging. And there are many themes about to write so don’t be suprised that this article is mixture of all of them.

Firstly, I am really happy that our form heavily improve. I don’t know if it is coincidence that I got just one point from three opening matches and then when I stopped blogging I got 9 out of 4. It is very suprising that althought we have 10 points from first seven matches, we are just one from position which guarantees relegation. The league is unbelievable balanced and we are also one point from the second place. Imagine the situation that you are second before the final match but due a bad luck in that round, you drop to seventh and get relegated…

Hopefully this will not be our case and we will move to position in which we should be. If you compare our ratings in the league, we are narrowly the best. For a team who lack experience in fifth division, it is great success of our philosophy. When you look at our ratings in all matches, we were never worse than our opponent. We had only bad luck. For example a match with currently first team in the league. We were much better and should won 2 – 0. Unfortunately, we lost 1 -3.

The league is fun and I am happy that there are no matches in which you just ask: “How many?”. Our league was ranked 7th out of 256 before the worst team was booted. Every match is balanced and every point important. Let’s see what happens on Saturday, 24th of December. Who will be awarded by suprising present…

 Our youngsters advanced to the knock out phase of  “Dorostenecký Pohár”, but I doubt if Kamenice Lamers advance to the next round. We will be without key Forward Václav Škaryd, who will be too old to play and both Zdeněk Eichler and Leoš Chlebek, who are expected to be promoted to the first team when they reach 17th birthday. The team will be significantly weakened and without any player to train. It is more than one season since I was offered player with solid potential in any skill. Work of our scouts is very very poor.

 I also track progress of my favourite team Arsenal, who does really well. I am happy that they got themselves to the title race and despite loss to Man City, the have got two very good months behind them. They are on the best way to the top four and already played all of the top teams away. They have dealt really well with their injury chrisis and it looks like that it will be only better. This week four of longterm injured players started light training and they should be back in late January or early February. Hopefully some of them will be fit for clash with Man United.


Time to prove quality

Arsenal won seven games from last eight and after horrible start to the season, Arsene’s team looks like that they have found the form they need to compete for top of the table. Some time ago, we were 15th in the league table and thanks to good run of games, we have moved to 7th and still it looks like that we have room to improve.

When you look at the premier league table, you can see why we had so bad start to the season.We played Newcastle(4th), Man United(2nd), Blackburn(20th) away and Liverpool(6th) and Swansea(15th) at home. In our first 5 matches, we played against three very good opponents and two times with average opponents. With team decimated by many injuries like Vermaelen, Wilshere, Koscielny, Gibbs, by suspensions like Song or Gervinho, and by loss of Nasri and Fabregas the only possible result came and suddenly, we were slight above the relegation border.

But that is past and since then, Wenger’s team manage to get back into form and have beaten average opponents with ease. Following wins againts Bolton, Sunderland and Stoke with A team and against Shrewsbury and Bolton with reserve team, the biggest challenge has been coming.

It is Chelsea game at Stamford Bridge which can prove that Arsenal has got the quality to finish in the top 4 this season and qualify to Champions league once more. Yesterday, Ivan Gazidiz, Arsenal CEO, said that success is not even winning trophies, but also consistency. And Arsenal record in playing champions league in 14th consecutive year is matched only by Real Madrid and Manchester United.

It is too early to say that if we lost to Chelsea, Champions league for next season will be lost or conversely win in the case of win. But a win will mean significant help in increasing confidence and  almost getting level on points with 4th place recently occupied by Newcastle.

And Chelsea will be without suspended Didier Drogba and Jose Bosingwa, but  with the rest of squad avaiable. Arsenal are in similar position, missing only two full backs Carl Jenkinson and Kieran Gibbs. (Do not be surprised, there are obviously not the only Arsenal players injured, I wrote only the short term injured/suspended players.)

With all centre-backs available, the Arsenal lineup could be like this: Sczeszny – Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Santos – Song, Arteta – Gervinho, Ramsey, Walcott – Van Persie.

If we manage to win the next game, and hopefuly next two against Marseille and West Bromwich, we will be in a strong position for matches after the international break and our season prospects will be much better than at the start of the season. I keep my fingers crossed as much as possible :D)

As a part of the match preview, we should remind the last time both teams play againts each other. In unforgotable Christmas clash last season, Arsenal outclassed Chelsea 3:1.


Arsenal’s transfer deadline day

This day is usually very interesting for all football fans except Arsenal fans. This time it looks like that Wenger missed the opportunity to bring the right players to Emirates stadium earlier and it looks like busy day also for us. It’s difficult to say if it is bad or very bad, but last three premiership matches showed that we really need new faces in our squad. Wenger didn’t manage to keep his main stars in the team and we now looks much weaker then last season. With the relegation form from Carling Cup final (2 wins from the last 14 premier league matches) it looks clear that without 4-5 new faces this team will not be in the top 4 anymore.

The last match againts United has shown that Arsenal are way behind them and there are many jokes in the internet likes:

After the match, Ferguson offered Arsene Wenger 3 cakes since he felt pity for him, but Arsene didn’t accept to eat cuz he already 8 2.

Monday morning, Mrs.Wenger: “Wake up Arsene, its 9 already!” Arsene: “What? They scored another one??”

Arsenal players didn’t have breakfast, because they 8-2 much last night

and many more…

This cleary insn’t the way how we want to be Arsenal known so ahead of the transfer deadline day we should expect new deals to be accepted.

Now, I will make the summary of Arsenal squad and try to find places which need to get stronger: Goalkeepers, I would say we have enough quality, Wojciech Sczeszny and Lukas Fabianski showed what they are capable of last season and Manuel Almunia(if doesn’t leave) with Vito Mannone are also quality backups. Right fullbacks  are in similar way, Bacary Sagna is proved quality and Carl Jenkinson also showed his abillity so don’t need to bring new faces. The first problem come when we started to talk about central defenders. We have one worldclass, Per Mertesackerbut injury prone Thomas Vermaelen and two good ones Laurent Koscielny and Johan Djourou. The rest are not good enough(Miquel needs experience and rather not to talk about Squillaci). So we could expect one signing here and it looks to be Per Mertesacker from Werder Bremen. He is Germany international, with 75 call ups at 26, great signing. He also had two World cup medals. And for £8m, it is a bargain.Andre Santos Together with him, we could bring another defender, this time left back. With the only one first team left back Kieran Gibbs, who is also very injury prone, this is the position where we need to buy most. And on the way to Emirates is Brazilian leftback Andre Santos. He has 22 caps for Brasil and played previously for Fenerbache Istanbul. Don’t know him so much so I really looking forward to see him in Arsenal colours. Hope he will be good signing. Midfield looked solid last year, but after departures of Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas, we are toothless. So another playmaker is needed, but I have no clue, who it would be. Chu Young ParkGossips are that it could be Benayoun, Martin, Arteta, Kaka or M’Villa, but no firm interest. The last category are strikers and with Van Persie, Bendtner, Chamakh, Afobe and most recently Chu Young Park it is clear that somebody should leave. The question if Chamakh on loan to Granada or Bordeaux or Bendtner to a permanent move away (Stoke, PSG, Hamburg or Bremen). We need to wait just around 11 hours.

So the biggest question is about our midfielders and I hope that all the transfers will make arsenal stronger and able to fight for top four. I am sure that this is not the start of the end of Wenger’s era. In Arsene, we trust.

Arsenal transfers of this day:


  • Chu Young Park from Monaco for a fee around £3m rising to £5m
  • Andre Santos from Fenerbache Istanbul for a fee around £6.2m
  • Per Mertesacker from Werder Bremen for a fee around £8m
  • Mikel Arteta from Everton for a fee around  £10m
  • Yossi Benayoun frome Chelsea on a season long loan


  • Henri Lansbury to West Ham United on a season long loan
  • Giles Sunu to FC Lorient for a fee around £1m
  • Joel Campbell to FC Lorient on a season long loan
  • Armand Traore to QPR for a fee around £2m
  • Niklas Bendtner to Sunderland on a season long loan

Just two weeks left…

It’s hard to say that, but when you look at the best premier league clubs and you compare their amount of  transfer fees, there is just one team, who is different. It’s far to early to say if it is good or bad, but Arsenal are the only team from the top five(Arsenal, Chelsea, ManU, ManCity, L’pool) who sold more than bought. Look at this table:

Team players in players out balance
Arsenal £22,600,000 £47,500,000 +£24,900,000
Chelsea £30,350,000 £18,400,000 -£11,950,000
L’pool £49,300,000 £4,050,000 -£45,250,000
ManCity £60,000,000 £18,500,000 -£41,500,000
ManU £52,900,000 £8,700,000 -£44,200,000

And it’s by far… When you consider that Arsenal are likely to sold Samir Nasri to Manchaster City for a reported fee around £23m and Chelsea still in talks with Luka Modric and Juan Mata(also linked with Arsenal) the gap between Arsenal and the other teams could be even bigger. This could be a massive masterpiece from Wenger, if he would be able to keep with the top of the table up. But as I said, transfer window isn’t close and some expensive transfers still could happen.

We have gone through difficult week, whe our capitan went to Barcelona and I really hope, that this year, we will play them in the Champions league and we will finally knock them out. As a replacement, we bought Joel Campbell for  £1m (Cesc left for £35m) from Costa Rican team Saprissa. 😀 Interesting…

Last week Arsenal showed their quality in defence, when they managed to keep two clean sheets in a row(no suprise for me because we had our best defenders available) but we struggle to attack. It is not difficult to find a problem of that. We sold Fabregas, Nasri didn’t play because he will probably leave, Wilshere injured and in the first game also Walcott injured and in the second Van Persie suspended. Our key players weren’t available and I am really afraid of the Saturday’s game againts reinforced Liverpool. Without our only one first team signing Gervinho(suspended), Fabregas, Nasri and Wilshere also unaviable our attack leading by newly-promoted capitan Van Persie will not have easy task. Also defence without Alex Song(suspended) Tomas Rosicky(rested), Armand Traore and Kieran Gibbs(both injured) will need to show their best to deny Liverpool atack. Without them, our lineup could looks like this:

Sczeszny – Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Sagna – Frimpong, Ramsey – Arshavin, Van Persie, Walcott – Chamakh.

My tip for a result is 2-1 for Arsenal 😀

So just two weeks left till the transfer window closes and there is the third match of the season which will show us the strenght of Arsenal “reserve” team againts one of the title contenders.