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Vacation continues

after two weeks vacation after the last season, manager doesn’t feel ready to look after his team and goes for another two weeks vacation. Don’t worry, I will manage to send orders for the league game after the next one, but lack of hattrick united posts will continue. We hope that after this vacation you will find again time to look at this blog and check what happens in our team.

Enjoy your holidays !!


Doctors – the busiest

hospital crossAnother match has gone this season and our doctors just can’t stop working. We were quite lucky that last season, we didn’t have so many injured players but this season, this was changed. In the opening four games we lost 4 players, exactly one per match and we have just started. It should not be so big problem to lost four players in four games, but if we take into account that our injured players are our key players it is a problem. We lost two important inner midfielders for three weeks, our best defender for one week and one defender with head speciality for two weeks. So many injured players also means that our doctors haven’t got time to look after our coach, who was injured for two weeks for more than two seasons and yesterday, his injury got worse and he is now injured for three weeks.

But what was important, that our players showed great team spirit and manage to win both league matches with strong opponents and now we will play with weaker ones. So it’s time to get healthy and to prepare for tough middle of the season.


VIDEO: Decisive cup match is there

The season have just started and another one of the most important matches is there. After last match with our biggest rival in title challenge the long-awaiting decisive cup match has been coming. We have been awaiting this match for one season and we want to get better this time than we got last time. We lost with rival who has almost the same name like we but they showed better quality and eliminated us from the cup. This time we feel, that we could get better but we don’t want to underestimate this match and we have been preparing for all situations which could happen. There is one short video from our training. You can see there goalkeeper Marek Bujak in the goal and young forward Zdeněk Fiala who shoots. We hope that this would not happen if the penalty shoot out came in although spectators would be surely really happy. 😀

from our training 😀 :


The first week review

The first week of the season is coming to the end and now it is time to evaluate how we managed it. The first week is one of the most important when we play with the closest opponent and matches in the first round are usually very balanced. Especially when we finnished first last season we played with our biggest rival in the battle for the title. So win would be big step in the title race and we are pleased that we managed it.

We also find out how important are quick players in our team, because we score again from quick special event and if I remember right it was third scored quick SE in the last three competitive matches. So I can only recommended quick players as for me quick speciality looks like the most efficient.

But what was unpleasant, that another our player got injured. This time just for one week but we lost Šimon Recman for three weeks in the match before the last one. He is a big blow for us, when start of the season is very important, and he missed last match and also will not be able to play in next difficult cup match and league match. Both against strong opponents. He is very unlucky nowadays as he also got red card in qualification match three weeks ago.

We are happy that we manage to advance to the second round of the cup with “training” team but we lost one PIC when I couldn’t connect to the internet and sent orders for that match.

The next match will decided about one of our goals this season. The match will be very tought and we hope that we are strong enough to win. We will play our best because we really want to achieve the third round. We hope that our fans will see cup match at our stadium this season. This is the first time when we played away in the second round…

And finally what makes me really happy that Arsenal sign 19yo striker Joel Campbell. He costs just £930,000 and looks like very good prospect. Well done Wenger!


New sponsor

Many teams have decided to reval they sponsors as we do. We arrange this because we really need them. Nowadays, we have been saving money for new stadium and we didn’t have enough to build new toilets. We were forced to close our recent toilets, because of  the new hygienics standarts which were published by European Hygienic Centre. Since 1. 7. 2011 we installed new mobile toilets TOI TOI to our stadium and we had been awaiting reactions of our fans.

We made small survey when match against Micuda took place:

before the match:

“Hi Mark, did you enjoy your time in the toilet?”

“Yes I did, it was fantastic to be there. I was first there and everything smells like a thyme. I am quiet suprised and I like this toilets, I think they are much better than they were before. “

at half time:

“Hi Susan, if you could, would you change anything on our new toilets?”

“No, nothing. They are just perfect. When I went there I smellt nice flavor of thyme together with some shits, but I am suprised, because it is very nice mixture and I really enjoyed it! Maybe I will add some space for my long legs, but that isn’t so important. I like them!”

After the match:

“Hello Mike, do you prefer new toilets or the old ones?”

“Oh, that’s very easy question, you know I didn’t like the old ones, because there were no doors and I couldn’t take there my girlfriend to celebrate our win or get consolation after loss. Now it’s much better, you know there is only one problem, when we celebrated the win today, the glasses of my girlfriend felt into the shits so she is not happy now, but I can’t say anything against the new toilets. So I prefer the new ones.

As you can read, it looks like that fans are satisfied with this change and we are really happy that this arrangement is also popular between our fans. We hope that this partnership will hold on for many years. We will not have any profit from this partnership, but the service, which they do for us is priceless. 😀

TOI TOI at our stadium