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Season Goals

The new season is just about  to kick off and it is time give ourself our season goals. We did it last season and althought we succeded and won promotion, we  failed to fulfil our goals. We didn’t manage to have decent success in the cup and to went all season unbeaten. With one loss last season we advanced into 5th division and were assigned to V.3. That means our league goals has changed a lot and this time, we won’t fight for promotion.

There is one more reason why our season goals will be different than last season. I will travel to England at the start of January and spent there 3 months. I will have access to the internet but I don’t know, how much free time I will have, but surely less than I have now. That means that I will be short of time and I will not spend so much time by scouting our opponents and thinking about best possible lineup. And in the new league, when I know nothing about my opponents, it will be quiet a big disadvantage.

We are likely to struggle in the league and hopefully, we will not be relegated. This is a must and with our recent squad, we should be capable of doing that. With this in hand, our goal for league season is not to be relegated and with decent luck we should be able to avoid quaification.

This season, I hope that we will improve our cup record. We advanced only once into the third round. It was I think three seasons ago. With better club ranking and probably easier opponents in first two rounds. Third round is a must. We were unlucky in the last couple of seasons and this will change. I promise that without bad luck in cup matches we will be ready to fight for fifth round and succeded.

The season will be even more difficulte because our team is ahead of a big change.  Just two weeks left in training defending and then, we will move to some SP practice and passing sessions. The team should be ready to welcome 4 youngsters from Kamenice Lamers and help them settle. Since the start of the next season, we will start training wingers. With the goal to help to achieve one of them to play for Czech U20 team. Otmar Barek did it last Friday as a first former player of Kamenice Lamers…


Time to prove quality

Arsenal won seven games from last eight and after horrible start to the season, Arsene’s team looks like that they have found the form they need to compete for top of the table. Some time ago, we were 15th in the league table and thanks to good run of games, we have moved to 7th and still it looks like that we have room to improve.

When you look at the premier league table, you can see why we had so bad start to the season.We played Newcastle(4th), Man United(2nd), Blackburn(20th) away and Liverpool(6th) and Swansea(15th) at home. In our first 5 matches, we played against three very good opponents and two times with average opponents. With team decimated by many injuries like Vermaelen, Wilshere, Koscielny, Gibbs, by suspensions like Song or Gervinho, and by loss of Nasri and Fabregas the only possible result came and suddenly, we were slight above the relegation border.

But that is past and since then, Wenger’s team manage to get back into form and have beaten average opponents with ease. Following wins againts Bolton, Sunderland and Stoke with A team and against Shrewsbury and Bolton with reserve team, the biggest challenge has been coming.

It is Chelsea game at Stamford Bridge which can prove that Arsenal has got the quality to finish in the top 4 this season and qualify to Champions league once more. Yesterday, Ivan Gazidiz, Arsenal CEO, said that success is not even winning trophies, but also consistency. And Arsenal record in playing champions league in 14th consecutive year is matched only by Real Madrid and Manchester United.

It is too early to say that if we lost to Chelsea, Champions league for next season will be lost or conversely win in the case of win. But a win will mean significant help in increasing confidence and  almost getting level on points with 4th place recently occupied by Newcastle.

And Chelsea will be without suspended Didier Drogba and Jose Bosingwa, but  with the rest of squad avaiable. Arsenal are in similar position, missing only two full backs Carl Jenkinson and Kieran Gibbs. (Do not be surprised, there are obviously not the only Arsenal players injured, I wrote only the short term injured/suspended players.)

With all centre-backs available, the Arsenal lineup could be like this: Sczeszny – Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Santos – Song, Arteta – Gervinho, Ramsey, Walcott – Van Persie.

If we manage to win the next game, and hopefuly next two against Marseille and West Bromwich, we will be in a strong position for matches after the international break and our season prospects will be much better than at the start of the season. I keep my fingers crossed as much as possible :D)

As a part of the match preview, we should remind the last time both teams play againts each other. In unforgotable Christmas clash last season, Arsenal outclassed Chelsea 3:1.


Youngsters did better to win second round of DP

It is almost a week since Youth Academy played their second round of Dorostenecký Pohár in favour of improving their reputation. They showed great spirit and won that match to sent our team to the top of the table (group E). We use the full advatage of playing at home and humilitated our opponent 6 – 1. I must say that this win was unexpected and It is only due to our luck that we got and scored so many chances. Kamil Urbanský and Jiří Libich scored twice and Oldřich Panchartek with Lubor Vojnar both also got their name on the scoresheet.

Noone could complain, we didn’t have enough luck to win in our first match in group stage but for our first home match, HT-Random showed us its nicer face and helped us to win by many goals. Since then our best player was promoted to first team and you could buy him now (for much cheaper price) right here. Now we look after new generation of stars, which will be trained in our team and developed into potential U20 players.

There are three rounds left in the group stage so before every round as a part of a match preview, I will introduce to you one of our future stars for the future.

Today, we also got to know who will be our first cup opponent and I can say that we will try to improve our confidence on them, because against a bot team with average wretched(2) rating, you only want not to get a card or injury…

Finally, I am going to rewrite our pages, because when I read it short time before, I realised that their quality is very, very low.


Tredemnous success for Kamenice Lamers

We are in 9th season of club history and we manage something what somebody didn’t managed in their whole history.

I realised that when I was checking if Tadeáš Těthal doesn’t have 50k TSI which would allowed him to make a note about him in our Former Youth page. But he is still missing 5k TSI so some more weeks of training are required. But what caught my eyes was czech flag near Otmar Barek‘s name.

That means our former player and former member of our youth academy Kamenice Lamers was called to U20 team Czech Republic in favour of playing in next world cup finals.

Sunday, 23rd October will be that famous day for him and we are expecting his debut match for our country. Hope it will come soon.

The biggest thank belongs to Opava Boys where he is trained under excellent coach. I am happy that his new manager is looking forward to him.

Good luck to him.


Promotion sealed as season finished well.

Last season finished a week ago and I finally got a time to write an article about our well-worked success. After incredibly long spell in VI.953 we reached the biggest achievement in FCOB Kamenice’s history. This progress cost a lot of time and concentration and after lost qualification last season, we manage to advance directly. But get back to the match which sealed our promotion and was probably the most difficult this season.

Both teams had similar TSI  and we had got an advantage of  Team Spirit and Confidence (both of them at highest possible level) but the fact that we played away suggested that it would be very balanced game. Hattrick Random stayed quite for that match so things went in predictable way and only one goal decided the winner. Both teams start with defensive tactics and no wonder that match report is so short. Our new signing Blažej Vepřek scored his first league goal from an attack throught the right flank and after the halftime break Micuda’s forward got sent off. With just two important actions, the sold out arena could only applauded to FCOB Kamenice for winning the title and beating Micuda 1-0.

This was our last match in sixth division for atleast one season but we hope and expect for many more to go 😀 With almost formidable average ratings we are gonna fight for more than fifth place in V.3 to prove ourself that seasons of trainig are worth of that.

That brings me to our young star Zdeněk Krajc, who was scouted by and recruited by Vladimír Tomáš for Kamenice Lamers.. At the age of 17 was promoted to the senior squad and last Thursday, just 19 years old, became the youngest and the only player educated in my team to reach atleast one worldclass skill. It is strange that he managed it in defending, which is trained by the slowest speed. With Milan Res likely to follow in a matter of weeks our defence will be strong enough to resist forward in fifth division. You can expect to change training in three weeks shortly after Robert Gringo will become the third worldclass defender in our team.

I hope that MS Odense will follow in our steps and after failing to win their qualification will win direct promotion next season…

Stay tuned to this blog because articles about Arsenal and Dorostenecký Pohár together with update of team history page are likely to follow in next week.