Midseason training

We are right now in the middle of the season and in the Czech republic is used to go for fitness camp before the second half of the season starts. We have a winter break in the middle of the season and my favourite czech football club FC Slovan Liberec are used to go to a winter camp into the mountains. They spent their time there by cross country skiing  or in gym. FC Slovan are really succesfull so I have been trying to do the things like they do and I decided to go with my hattrick team for a fitness camp.

But there is one problem. They have winter break in winter but now it is summer. We have been thinking about that but because our financial problems, we couldn’t afford travelling to Australia or New Zealand, where is the winter now. So we took our skis and went to the nearest hill, to the Petřín hill(very close to Prague Castle and the historical centre of Prague, full of tourists). We had a training session there and there is a video from the end when I(the blue one) raced with the young midfielder Matouš Recman(brother of Šimon, was on trial with us but we didn’t buy him) 😀

Enjoy 😉

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Student from the Czech republic, Arsenal fan, hattrick player