The mixture of success and failure

The seventh week of the season caught our team in a good league mode, when we beat one of the title contenders but we weren’t able to start ripanj trophy with a win and we concede our first loss since the cup exit. If you are interested in these matches, scroll down and read the post-match thoughts from both matches.

With half a season coming, we played our first competitve friendly ever and I must say that we still expected to win. But our opponent suprised us and fielded very strong lineup, which contained many firsteamers (including their player with highest TSI). I wasn’t able to watch the game live so when I opened hattrick after the match and saw the result I was scared what happened (If I got two reds or so…). But the reason was dicovered soon. With too many firsteamers our reserve team got quite good and I am proud of them. We are sad that our opponent didn’t respect the friendly – fair play rule and he got us to the huge problem. We will propably need to win our last match if we want to advance. The next (second) group stage match should be ‘piece of cake’ even if we will play with our reserve team.

The second match was very special to our team, because we played our first match in the newly reconstructed arena with the capacity 40 000 spectators. And the fans didn’t dissapointed us and sold out the stadium. The only 124 free places were in the VIP box because our general sponsor TOI TOI had to install new WC boxes to the stadium and their staff didn’t do it in time ;-). But back to the match. Our top scorer made the fans happy with quick brace in just 16 minutes. With Alberto Reily getting one back our set piece taker Fausto Corona increased our lead by unusual shot from the right wing (He played left back 😀 ). Our coach will need to explain to our leftback how to play his role :D. They managed to put one back and made the final moments more dramatic but then the final whistle blown and we could celebrate our 14th win in a row in the league. What is also interesting, that we played third match against the second in our league this season and we will play another one on Saturday. With seven games, seven wins and eight points lead we are heading straight for the title and hopefully for promotion.

I want to congarts to Michal Belšán, who fought hard to get his first points in fifth division and now looking to save his league by stunning win. The next game could decide. Keep my fingers crossed!

I also can’t forgot to mentioned the loss of MS-Odense, which came in difficult time against strong opponent. But everybody know that this could change and that the next match is the time for revenge!!

Now it is time to mid-season training camp(expect new article :D). This is the only way how to overcome the horrible Arsenal start to the season. :-( The only two positive things are that things could only get better and that we are above Spurs…

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