Promotion sealed as season finished well.

Last season finished a week ago and I finally got a time to write an article about our well-worked success. After incredibly long spell in VI.953 we reached the biggest achievement in FCOB Kamenice’s history. This progress cost a lot of time and concentration and after lost qualification last season, we manage to advance directly. But get back to the match which sealed our promotion and was probably the most difficult this season.

Both teams had similar TSI  and we had got an advantage of  Team Spirit and Confidence (both of them at highest possible level) but the fact that we played away suggested that it would be very balanced game. Hattrick Random stayed quite for that match so things went in predictable way and only one goal decided the winner. Both teams start with defensive tactics and no wonder that match report is so short. Our new signing Blažej Vepřek scored his first league goal from an attack throught the right flank and after the halftime break Micuda’s forward got sent off. With just two important actions, the sold out arena could only applauded to FCOB Kamenice for winning the title and beating Micuda 1-0.

This was our last match in sixth division for atleast one season but we hope and expect for many more to go 😀 With almost formidable average ratings we are gonna fight for more than fifth place in V.3 to prove ourself that seasons of trainig are worth of that.

That brings me to our young star Zdeněk Krajc, who was scouted by and recruited by Vladimír Tomáš for Kamenice Lamers.. At the age of 17 was promoted to the senior squad and last Thursday, just 19 years old, became the youngest and the only player educated in my team to reach atleast one worldclass skill. It is strange that he managed it in defending, which is trained by the slowest speed. With Milan Res likely to follow in a matter of weeks our defence will be strong enough to resist forward in fifth division. You can expect to change training in three weeks shortly after Robert Gringo will become the third worldclass defender in our team.

I hope that MS Odense will follow in our steps and after failing to win their qualification will win direct promotion next season…

Stay tuned to this blog because articles about Arsenal and Dorostenecký Pohár together with update of team history page are likely to follow in next week.

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