Season Goals

The new season is just about  to kick off and it is time give ourself our season goals. We did it last season and althought we succeded and won promotion, we  failed to fulfil our goals. We didn’t manage to have decent success in the cup and to went all season unbeaten. With one loss last season we advanced into 5th division and were assigned to V.3. That means our league goals has changed a lot and this time, we won’t fight for promotion.

There is one more reason why our season goals will be different than last season. I will travel to England at the start of January and spent there 3 months. I will have access to the internet but I don’t know, how much free time I will have, but surely less than I have now. That means that I will be short of time and I will not spend so much time by scouting our opponents and thinking about best possible lineup. And in the new league, when I know nothing about my opponents, it will be quiet a big disadvantage.

We are likely to struggle in the league and hopefully, we will not be relegated. This is a must and with our recent squad, we should be capable of doing that. With this in hand, our goal for league season is not to be relegated and with decent luck we should be able to avoid quaification.

This season, I hope that we will improve our cup record. We advanced only once into the third round. It was I think three seasons ago. With better club ranking and probably easier opponents in first two rounds. Third round is a must. We were unlucky in the last couple of seasons and this will change. I promise that without bad luck in cup matches we will be ready to fight for fifth round and succeded.

The season will be even more difficulte because our team is ahead of a big change.  Just two weeks left in training defending and then, we will move to some SP practice and passing sessions. The team should be ready to welcome 4 youngsters from Kamenice Lamers and help them settle. Since the start of the next season, we will start training wingers. With the goal to help to achieve one of them to play for Czech U20 team. Otmar Barek did it last Friday as a first former player of Kamenice Lamers…

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