No time = exceptional results

As many of you know, I depart from Prague last Sunday to spend a term at Winchester College. What I didn’t expect were very strict rules which regulate both school and private life. Therefor I can’t visit hattrick page from school network but can hattrick united! With enough free time, I would be able to keep this blog alive.

What was more suprising, that after very bad start, when I was very rigorous when sending orders the result of my team get better exactly when I didn’t have time to think about the line ups. And still, 3 rounds before the end of season, I have good chance od finish 2nd let alone winning the title.

The next match will be very important, we play against second team in the division and if we win, we would be level on points with them. And because we have easier opponents after, we should have better score at the end of the season.

After beating bot team Slavia with double digit score, we went to play Plasy Heroes, who were third before the match. Everything suggested that it would be match of defences and so it was. We tried to win BP and although playing away, we did it successfully and the match turned into one man show. Our set piece taker Fausto Corona scored a spot kick, a free kick and also assisted to the third goal.

The end of season is coming and we are looking forward to match against MS Odense which will be played on 15th February.

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Student from the Czech republic, Arsenal fan, hattrick player