Final round will decide

Just one match left and FCOB Kamenice still fighting for title. Unexpected run of the results in the first and also the second half of the season send our team to the second place with very close gap on the first team. And it is real that Kamenice would be first after the last round. There are two conditions to be fulfilled with quite a big probabilities.

  • FCOB Kamenice must beat Stenly 1970
  • AC Panda must not win against FC Semeno

The third title contender was eleminated from title race last round, when he lost to Plasy Heroes, which have moved to third place at his expenses. I must say that it was undeserved win and I am quite suprised that the team who plays the worst midfield in the league and don’t play CA is third in the league table.

But get back to the last match, when we played against SRZ Viktoria. Team renowned for big luck in matches in the first part of the season provided useful test for our team. The first meeting of these two teams resulted in draw which was totally unfair. Yet again, our team failed to score from regular chance but two set-piece situations saved the match. Our fans didn’t hesistate and recorded the first goal. There is the replay:

This made the difference in the match and it looks like that set-piece training, which we practised at the start of the season pays dividends. And the same goes for defending, which we practised for three seasons till the start of the recent one. We have kept fourth clean sheet in a row, not a bad for newly promoted team. What a record…

Let’s see how this season finish, I must say that I am very pleased with the team progress and no matter how the season ends, I will still be happy, because this season was very entertaining.

There are also some good news from youth academy, which saw Leoš Chlebek promoted to the first team couple of weeks ago and he looks like to be ready to play next season for the first team. With Jan Karola already awaiting his 17th birthday, all players with good potential were trained to maximum level and it looked like that there will be no one to train. Although my scouts has been searching for midfielder for two seasons, they didn’t bring any with passable, let alone solid potential in playmaking. Atleast, in last three weeks, they found two solid forwards so instead of training playmaking with prospect of continuation in the first team, we will train strikes which are gonna be sold.

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