Season review

The season is nearly in the end but league finished. I think that now is right time to make a summary and find places, where we should get better and learn from them. This season meant a lot for a newly promoted team with goal to avoid relegation but when time went on, it was clear that this team should fight on the other pole of the table. But get back to the start, when everything looked very bad.

It was very unfortunate to start season like we did. First cup round was easy as expected and boost in confidence and in the team spirit followed. But then, like a nightmare came a row of four very pitchy results. First league round ended by 1-0 scoreline although we should win but that was nothing against the result of the next match. We played cup game and although we played away we bettered them in all rankings. Result? 2-1 loss and very early cup exit. That was such a shame and I would not wish to anybody to go through such a dissapointment. The nightmare series continued by 0-0 draw at home against SRZ Viktoria. That team got famous by many very lucky matches in the first half of the season when was for most of the time second. But this didn’t take long and in the second half they dropped many points and finished sixth. The last match of the row was against FC Semeno and this time we lost 2-1. After three rounds, we were out of cup with one point and score 1:3 on the seventh place of the table.

Then we fortunately won very balanced game against Plasy Heroes and we also beat Sk Slavia. These two wins helped to restore our confidence and we went with very high expectations to the game against recently first AC Panda Team. We played our best ever ratings but unfortunately ht random was again against us and we lost 3 points by very unlucky way. At this time after 6 rounds we had 7 points and we add another three by a win against Jiříkov. Half a season gone and we were 5th with 10 points. just one point from 7th place and direct relegation. Would you bet that we will win the title?

Frankly, no and that is what made the season fairytale. The christmas encounter went our way and we were prepared to fight for the title. If I remember right we were three points behind the first team and a win would sent us on the top. But we weren’t in good conditions. One important midfielder was supsended and another one was in weak form. And because we played away, it was clear that we have no chance to match our opponent’s midfield. So I decided to go for a lucky result and play 5-3-2 without midfield. But miracle didn’t happen and we went home with 2-1 loss. I must say that this match was the only deserved loss of the season. (And there will be probably another one on Saturday :D)

Six points from the top, 5 matches to go, 5th place. What goal can I have? to avoid qualification for 6th division? I think that is a fair goal. After beating bot team Slavia 11 – 0 and more importantly Plasy Heroes and FC Semeno (third and fourth in the league table) both by 3-0 scoreline, we moved to third place four points from the top and salvation looked sure. In that round, the first team deservedly lost two points in a match which had to end in a draw and suddenly our title chances very increased. The round before last ends predictably and with one match to go we were second with two points deficit. We needed to win our game, what we managed but we also needed atleast draw of AC Panda with FC Semeno. Luckily Panda lost and we could start to celebrate our third title in a row. But this one is understandably much more worthy then the previous two combined 😀 .

Fairytale? I think so. After very poor start to end season by five wins in a row and all with clean sheets. and even more to win the title… We are looking forward to the qualification and even if we lose, I will be still very happy.

Some stats to the end:

First three matches P3, W0, D1, L2, GD 1:3

First seven matches P7, W3, D1, L3, GD  8:9

Last seven matches P7, W6, D0, L1, GD 26:2

Last five matches P5, W5, D0, L0, GD 21:0

Whole season P14, W9, D1, L4, GD 34:11

Best scorer, as always our set piece taker Fausto Corona. And If I am not mistaken, all minutes were played just by defenders Robert Gringo, Fausto Corona and maybe Ludvík Saidl.

When you look at final league table you must be pretty sure that league was really interesting. The best team manage to get just 28 points and the top four teams were ordered by one point. Also the seventh team got 16 points and that I think is very good result which should be enough to play atleast qualification but it isn’t. Overal the league was extremely balanced and in 13 matches out of 14 I was not sure how the match ends. It was highly entertaining season and I am happy that I was part of it. I hope that the next one will be atleast half as entertaining as the last one. Also I would like to congratulate to MS-Hojris for winning the title and promotion, the same goes to India to AzeemClark. But the best performance was showed by paquebot who didn’t lost single point so big congratulation to you. And finally also to the others who managed to read this long article about my team 😀

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